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Do you agree with what I've written?

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  1. CodeOrange

    CodeOrange Member

    You know everyone, I've recently been having many problems and going to the staff. I found that the most helpful member of the staff team was Legion. In fact, he is always online checking forums, console, #help, and DMs. He is one of the most active, and reliable staff members I know and can always be trusted when questions need answering or there's a problem. He's the first one to join the game to help us when it is most needed and never gets easily angered or easily stressed out when somethings seemingly unsolvable happens.

    I think he's the best staff member the Crafting Dead has every seen, and will ever get.

    Thank you.

    PhantomLava or CodeOrange.
  2. LegionPlays

    LegionPlays Senior Staff Staff Member Senior Team

    Approved 100%
  3. AnarchicMeme

    AnarchicMeme Member

    Very great spelling. Very great moderator.
  4. AAG_Victorious

    AAG_Victorious Active Member

    ''has ever seen'' is debatable but he for sure is doing a great job.
  5. _LostSkillz_

    _LostSkillz_ Member

    I'm not even going to touch this....
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  6. CodeOrange

    CodeOrange Member

  7. Mwalsh111

    Mwalsh111 Member

    Ever seen? Lmao clearly you haven’t been here long buddy.
  8. ParadoxicHF

    ParadoxicHF Member

    Reee i have seen legion from a normal player into a mod, good stuff. A friendly mod!
  9. TheBomb1216

    TheBomb1216 New Member

    I Agree that Legion is a great Moderator! A simple reason he's the best is that he actually takes a lot of time out his life and puts it into the Crafting Dead, and I appreciate that.

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