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    We're bringing back Minigames onto our network! We've been working on a select few modes that we feel our players will enjoy.

    What is Minigames?

    Years back, Crafting Dead used to have minigames on the network. Unfortunately, these were later removed however we have decided to bring them back! These will consist of three gamemodes:

    -> 1v1 dueling gamemode (featuring two different arena styles).
    -> 'Gun and Run' previously called 'Towers', an open area to collect loot and fight others.
    -> 'Gun Maze' A classic Crafting Dead game including a maze, full of loot and vantage points!

    What are Minigames for?

    Minigames offer some more excitement to the server and allow you to play something slightly different. Additionally it also allows you to collect some loot before you spawn and start prepared and ready! As time goes on, we are going to look into ways of improving the minigames experience, possibly involving them in the events that we do on our servers from time-to-time.

    When will Minigames be back?

    We're hoping to have Minigames back by Sunday (25th February 2018) for all players to enjoy network-wide!
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