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    just some cool people I met and played with
    - TheNewThreat - at my favorite looting spot, he had a gun pointed at me but we decided to play together :D
    - BauerManfred - I was starving and he helped me, he is 4 years older but we played together for like 1 year
    also there were
    - nicowitt
    - kingresl
    - FreakingNinja
    they are really strange people I met trough BauerManfred, often it was BauerManfred, me and FreakingNinja against kingresl and nicowitt as we were often in war xD (yea we are childish) we griefed and looted our bases but it was freaking fun, one time nicowitt was wounded I covered him and Matrix shot me lol you can see that on youtube!

    right at the start, at 00:10 thats me! well we fought our biggest enemy and killed his whole clan so we had manyyy gunbags... now Matrix got them :(
    This modpack was great fun!
    I met many more people but don't want to name more and I also don't like some anymore.

    I think the first step downwards was to remove the clans, they kept many people together and in wars.
    After they got removed many started leaving, but slowly, unnoticeable.
    If you don't know it already you should really watch SGCBarbierian's CD roleplay, he suddenly stopped recording, nobody knows why but these 13? seasons are great!
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    Yea I actually love SGCBarbarian’s Crafting Dead. I agree I’m sad that he stopped making more episodes bc I think it’s great and I really enjoyed it ❤️. He did say in one of the between videos that “Guys I really didn’t want to have to say this but, I’m not stopping cd videos, it’s just hard for me to think of more after about 13 seasons/about a hundred videos” or something along those lines. It makes me happy to hear that someone else enjoys Barbadian besides me. My twin brother likes him but doesn’t seem as much as I do. Thanks for being someone that likes what I like :) :D ;) ;D

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