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Discussion in 'Mod/Server Suggestions' started by ChronicCraft, Nov 2, 2018.


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  1. ChronicCraft

    ChronicCraft Member

    Hello everyone. I am sure many of you know me from past experiences or more likely from discord. I am a builder for the CDN and I want to bring to the community an opportunity to discuss a potential change that could be implemented into the network sometime in the future.

    The plan is this: We will either copy/paste entire towns, or individual buildings of every map into one big map.
    Now, before you form an opinion, lemme splain. The objective of doing this project is to bring everything good about the individual maps into one map to create one massive world for everyone. Are you an Atlanta player? We have locations / towns from the Atlanta map. Somerset player? same to you. We will have all of the best locations of every map in one server so that everyone can easily go to and from each "map" without having to disconnect, reconnect, and buy ranks per server. This server having such a massive size will also allow plentiful room for bases and building and the raiding that is supposed to come soon.

    Now also, this does not mean that each map will be on the same server, I mean literally, each map will be transplanted into the same custom created world. This means you can literally walk from Dead Island's docks location to the Airfield in Atlanta.

    My example map of what this 'super map' could possibly look like. https://imgur.com/a/om7gtQC

    Here are some common question answered:
    Q: Will ranks from other servers transfer?
    A: How could they not! Make sure to save some sort of proof of payment just in case though.

    Q: How exactly do you plan to get every map's best locations into one map?
    A: Currently since this is just in the discussion faze nothing solid has been decided of course. My idea would be to either copy-paste an entire location or copy-paste individual buildings into the new map.

    Q: How will you be able to support such a massive world?
    A: As a builder, it really isn't something that I will have to worry about, but if every donation goes into the upkeep of one server instead of multiple, it would not be a challenge to have a map of this size from what I know.

    Q: Since this map will be so huge, how will you get to where you want to go? Example - I'm an Atlanta player and only want to play on the Atlanta locations.
    A: A new random spawn system has been implemented recently with this in mind. So you can still choose which area you will spawn in.

    If anyone has any other questions, I will answer them in the comments or over discord! Please let me know what you all as a community think so if you like this idea we can make it happen!
  2. valtwemc

    valtwemc New Member

    I personally think this is absolute genius! So none of the servers will be forgotten and also we can all play as 1 big community.
    So i fully support this as an ooold CraftingDead somerset player.
    My friends agree with me fully one of them is another OG of Somerset ALEXOMC_Says_Hi.
  3. vibraniumoptimus

    vibraniumoptimus New Member

    Ok, but does this include the DC, Seaport 1 & 2, & Cardiff maps? Also, if so, would the vaults be included seeing they are in the aforementioned maps?
  4. Coolhunter17

    Coolhunter17 Community Staff Staff Member Moderation Team

    Not a bad idea, but hotspots need to be created. remember ClearFall CC? that was a huge map I created, and I made DC and other areas hotspots. but in a huge map, it's hard to find people, and if the player-base on said map is small, could potentially get boring.
  5. Coolhunter17

    Coolhunter17 Community Staff Staff Member Moderation Team

    We Do not own those servers/maps

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