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Discussion in 'Development Asset Submission' started by Conner Adobato, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. Conner Adobato

    Conner Adobato Active Member

    Idea / Asset Name: M16
    Asset Type: [Model, Texture] Model, Horribly textured
    Attachments: [Read Bottom]
    If Applicable, Concept Image ingame: Idk how to do that yet hun
    Hey everyone, like i just said in red caps, this is my first gun model, so criticize it heavily, Im aware of the texture, i used so many cubes that the texture map was an absolute fuckfest, so details werent in the question. If this does get lots of support, Ill attempt to remap the texture and add accents, Also im aware of the classic handle thats missing, But if you guys wish to apply sights to this, it really wouldnt help, but if requested i will. Here is some info about it

    3 Round burst ONLY
    30 Rounds in a mag
    Uses STANAG (Because the irl version fires 5.56x40m)
    Suppresor can be applied
    Bipod or grip not supported
    5x 10x supported
    If this gets implemented i will develop custom skins

    Thank you

    M16 SS 1.PNG M15 SS 2.PNG M16 SS 3.PNG M16 SS 4.PNG M16 SS 5.PNG M16 SS 6.PNG M16 SS 7.PNG M16 SS 8.PNG M16 SS 9.PNG M16 SS 10.PNG

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  2. Equad

    Equad Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    I think you could add a little more detail to it and repost it so we can review this one because above you put horrible textured so fix it and make it better.
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  3. Conner Adobato

    Conner Adobato Active Member

    I just shut off my pc lol, ill get back on and remap, theres actually every major detail a M16 has on the receiver, the texture just makes it hard to see
  4. Equad

    Equad Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    And the notification on your last image xD
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  5. Conner Adobato

    Conner Adobato Active Member

    Model has been updated. As i previously stated, i can only go so far with the textures, as im cramming 32 so cubes in a small .png file, so theres alot of overlapping, I did what i could, hopfully this makes the details stand out
  6. Equad

    Equad Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Looks nice!
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  7. Equad

    Equad Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    You should teach me how to do this! But sadly I don't have techne and it can't be downloaded anymore :p
  8. Strafe55

    Strafe55 Member

    Looks great, no iron sights though?
  9. destrotroop

    destrotroop Developer Staff Member Developer

    Go to Edit > Edit Project > and set the texture size to 256x128 or 512x256
  10. Hero_silas

    Hero_silas Active Member

    This looks very good, the thing is though, I think its not "blocky" enough to fit CD seeing other guns lack this amount of detail.
  11. Conner Adobato

    Conner Adobato Active Member

    Ok, model has been re textured! Thanks to @destrotroop for help on the tmap, and also to @Strafe55 for pointing out i had no iron sights, theyre in the last 3 SS. Thanks
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  12. Hero_silas

    Hero_silas Active Member

    I didn't point out that you had no iron sights! Strafe55 did! :D
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  13. coolcrayonz

    coolcrayonz New Member

    That look great
  14. Kikife

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  15. Jacksonation

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  16. Conner Adobato

    Conner Adobato Active Member

    Thank you all :D

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