Looks like I died!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jellal, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. Jellal

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    Yo! ~ <3
    First of all, thank you for taking the time to read this short little message of mine. However I should warn you first that if you came looking for dirt or a salt message then I'm afraid you won't find it here. Thanks!

    So yeah! I'm sure you could have guessed it, but I resigned! I had to really think on it for a while, but in the end there were just some things I couldn't continue to ignore. However I'll keep my comments and opinions to myself on this one, and instead give my feedback on the current staff team. Rather than going through and listing EVERYONE, I will simply list those of which I respect or would just like to mention. Also Moderators, don't lie, I know you're all excited that a new Senior spot is open ;)

    Affusion - The unlimited kindness and compassion you expressed never ceased to really impress me. I'm really going to miss you and you were by far my favorite out of the Leadership team.

    Lewis - Personally, I've never had a problem with you in the slightest. (Also don't worry you're one of my favorites too XD) You're an awesome developer for sure and I'm sure you've got the dev skills to bring CD to it's glory.

    Brad - Honestly dude, I barely talked to you and you probably don't even know I exist, but you were pretty cool!

    Logical - You were literally my father figure inside of the staff team, and for sure one of my favorites.

    Toyhat - You were always very well composed and very well spoken, I just always thought it was funny when we'd set up a new Moderator and we'd end up taking a whole hour XD

    iNova - You were really cool too, someone who I looked up to a lot.

    Gomi and Zand - You both were awesome staff members, and I'm sure that you two will continue to do great as Senior Moderators. Keep advancing and I'm sure that some day, one of you will be an Administrator.

    Pepe - My son, I'm proud that you took the spot of the very first Mod of the Month. I'll be even more proud to know that I trained you when you take a Senior Moderator spot, keep going!

    Pie - You honestly did great in just about every aspect possible, I'm one hundred percent sure that you will take a spot as a Senior Moderator one day!

    Legion - I never really talked to you much, but you definitely are staff material. Keep up the good work!

    Rrosko - I sometimes forget you're there buddy, but I'm sure that once your computer situation is under control, you'll go right back to being a great Moderator!

    Matrixiz - Dang dude, sometimes it's hard to believe that you came into this team just 3 days after FiveSeven and I. Stick around dude, you're pretty cool.

    Thank you all for being a part of this. じゃね!
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  2. Tikachuu

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    Goodbye Jellal, it was nice working along side with you.
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  3. Blaze7381

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    We’ve had a weird few interactions imo, but you’re cool, cya man.
  4. SquiddyUK

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    gl with whatever you go on to doing dad
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  5. gomizzou4

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    One of my best friends on the staff team. Sad to see you go and hope we keep talking in the future. You were a great Senior Moderator and are a great friend. See you around.

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  6. Aghuto

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    Sad to see you go, but anyways best of luck to any future plans of yours.
  7. LPops

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  8. Blaze7381

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    Yew stole mah me me.

    Also, mayhaps Matrixz is gonna be the next Sr.
  9. Jellal

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    Thanks for bein' my partner for the longest time, gonna miss ya!
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  10. Nanta18

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    never really knew you but sad to see you go you seem cool.
  11. LPops

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    LOL doubt it
  12. Jellal

    Jellal Member

    Thnx son, ily
  13. Woodrow9

    Woodrow9 Community Staff Staff Member Moderation Team

    We never talked much but I wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors.
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  14. Tanky

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    Good bye Jellal. You will be missed.:(
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  15. Skapern

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    nooo daad
  16. RarestPepe

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    You suck for leaving me ;(
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  17. Pie4Dayz

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    Cya Jellal (For the third or fourth time) you were an amazing staff member, and an amazing Sr. Mod. You were a great role model for new staff members. You were very helpful when it came to helping both staff members, and players. It's very sad to see you leaving the staff team. I wish you luck in the future.
  18. LegionPlays

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    Well Jellal, You have done an amazing jumob as a staff member. I will miss you! I hope you have good luck on your next adventures! Also thanks for mentioning me :D

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