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    Hello, I am Thebomb1216 i'm a Soul Catcher on Atlanta, and i am the Faction Leader of Logic. Our faction has 65 members of which 32 are Donors. We tend to play on the server Atlanta, but once we grow more we will branch out to other servers.
    How to Join
    Server Most Played:

    (Please leave blank if you have no rank) Rank:
    (Yes or No) Discord:
    About How Long Have You Been Playing CD:

    (Not Required To Answer) Age:

    UserName/IGN: Thebomb1216
    Server Most Played: (Atlanta US)
    (Please leave blank if you have no rank) Rank: Soul Catcher (Atlanta US)
    (Yes or No) Discord: Yes
    About How Long Have You Been Playing CD: Since It Came Out :)
    (Not Required To Answer) Age: 15

    Discord Policy
    To keep all of your information safe please do not reply with your Discord in chat. If you are AFK or muted in our Discord channel for more than 5 minutes you will be moved.
    This is our Factions Discord link:
    You can contact me threw discord or in game.


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  2. ToXic_Gamez13

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    Lol, he bans you from the Discord for no reason. xD Shouldn't join him.
  3. TheBomb1216

    TheBomb1216 New Member

    You were being toxic to a few of my non-English speaking members so i banned you.
  4. ToXic_Gamez13

    ToXic_Gamez13 Member

    How? By saying you guys don't speak english? That's not being toxic mate.
  5. TheBomb1216

    TheBomb1216 New Member

    If you dont have any intention of joining this faction please do not reply to this thread
  6. LPops

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    What's your discord I would like to message you regarding something about your clan
  7. TheBomb1216

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