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    Good morning, evening or night for when ever you are reading this!
    My name is Matthew or Legion. I have recently joined the staff team as a
    moderator here on the crafting dead as of December 29, 2017.

    Activities: Currently I play lots and lots of Xbox and PC games. Along with Technic/MC mixed in. I have many games and enjoy playing them. This includes Halo, Battlefront 2, Battlefield and Mass Effect. I always get new games that come out and normally I generate a great interest in them... Well until I complete the game or a new game releases.

    CD: Well I love the Dead Island server/map. It is always full of wonderful people that always carry loot! Its overall a small but excellent map for great wars and loot... mmmm Loot! I will hopefully see some of you in game and around the discord/forums. But I would go with Atlanta us for a second choice. Don't forget if the loot can be sold in a local shop, I am always looking for donations.

    Have a wonderful and amazing day! -Legion
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