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Discussion in 'Developer Applications' started by krazy, Nov 26, 2017.

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  1. krazy

    krazy Member

    Name: Bryan (krazy)

    What sort of developer position are you applying for? [Asset Developer, Coder]

    I am looking to apply for a programming position.

    How long have you been apart of the community?

    I've recently been active in the last month or so, but I played CD a couple years ago very avidly for I think 5-6 months, then I just got into other games and was too busy working on my own projects to play a lot of Minecraft, however when I came back I was pleased to see some old stuff and a ton of new stuff :)

    Do you play official servers?

    Yes, I play Dead Island US mainly, I haven't tried many others. (I find the amount of PvP and combat really fun on Dead Island!)

    Have you had experience in development before? If so explain.

    Yes, my dad comes from a background of working with programming and Linux administration, so I thought it was very interesting. I do not have much experience with any modding on Minecraft, or much of the Spigot/Bukkit APIs, but I do have a pretty good understanding of Java, and am currently trying to learn C++, PHP, JS and VisualBasic (I have a class that teaches VisualBasic, so I didn't want to learn this one on my own.) I have coded a lot of stuff in Java to do with Discord, including Selfbots (bots that run using your own client ID, really cool stuff) and also server bots, where I have made servers for people to use for their communities :)

    Do you have any existing work you can present?

    I have some live discord bots running ATM, I'm not going to post links here to the actual discords, but can post pictures to some of the commands and such. I'm sorry there isn't much to go on, I know you can't trust text but I've also made a bot that works in sync with a support type of bot, logging tickets to a MySQL Server locally and allowing staff to view them online from a web panel that a friend made, it was really cool and showed me how much programming and be used to make stuff easier. You were able to type a ticket header/subject, content and priority all in discord, and send it to the bot which would in-turn be read by the website. We also had mysql information for users that stored a custom mute/kick/ban system for discord, and hooked up in-game with minecraft. We were planned on making something where our web panel would send a webhook message to the discord, and since the bot would be running on our dedicated server, we could dispatch commands through the discord bot. I'm sorry I don't have any pictures, but I still have the code (if you want to see it)

    Have you put any suggestions in? Is this something you would want to work on?

    No, I was going to but I lost the list I made that was extremely long, and haven't worked on making any since. I had lots of new weapons/attachment ideas and also some cosmetic stuff. i have so many ideas and it frustrates me that I'm not able to help put them in, as I think they'd be really cool!

    How would you describe your development skills and knowledge?

    I can learn fast and can listen and watch, I can work for long periods of time and like to finish my projects in one go. I have good knowledge of Java, and very minimal knowledge of languages like JS, PHP, VisualBasic but I am trying to learn them as web development is really cool to me. I love learning about computers, and about stuff in general. I do not have near any experience with modding, but I hope that I can learn fast and get started, as I do have experience with making servers and programming them.

    Do you understand you would have to work as a team?

    Yes, you can't just independently give someone a task and expect them to understand it in this kind of setting. Communicating and asking questions leads to a stronger program in the end, and can always lead to new ideas. The beauty of development is that you aren't just building a set thing always, you can branch off and kind of do something as you go, see how it turns out, and the cycle repeats. Coding something that works and that you personally enjoy is awesome, and always has made me feel good!

    Why do you want to be a developer?

    Crafting Dead has always been pretty cool to me, the idea is great and the implementation is really nice. I would like to be a developer because I feel like the mod could amount to a lot more, and if there was more developers to make such content faster, then the community would grow and also be more happy. I love when games get constant big updates and are always giving the players and community new content to play and research, I think it builds a stronger community. You can see this in games such as CS:GO and the Arma series, which have awesome updates and always fix bugs on a good timeline.

    Can you name the current development team?


    Anything else, about you, age, nationality?

    I love science and computer type things, I love to watch educational types of videos, and school is pretty important to me. I am from the United States and am currently 15 years old, I feel like this can be a really good experience for me and would love to be apart of the CD team, thank you for reading the application.
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  2. MrKhaotic

    MrKhaotic Well-Known Member

    You are pretty good although I do not believe we are looking for programmers right at this moment. Best of luck though!
    EDIT: Disregard that. We are looking for coders and as I said you are good. Good luck. +1
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  3. krazy

    krazy Member

    tyty <3
  4. LegionPlays

    LegionPlays Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Your developer application is looking nice. This is looking good and another developer would be great! Your app looks sweet so +1

    Good Luck!

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  5. krazy

    krazy Member

    Thank you, means a lot!
  6. destrotroop

    destrotroop Developer Staff Member Developer

    Looks pretty good. Standby :p
  7. Blaze7381

    Blaze7381 Active Member

    Nice app! I don’t know much about coding but I know enough to know that’s pretty impressive for a 15 year old, good luck!
  8. krazy

    krazy Member

    ty <3
  9. VoidStacker

    VoidStacker New Member

    +1 sexy discord bots
  10. Phoenix

    Phoenix Member

    Creating discord bots isn't as advanced as some people may think, as well as that, self-bots are against the discord TOS, so If I were you, I wouldn't continue creating those. As for your "Social networking" project, how can we be sure that it isn't some repo grabbed off of github or something of the sorts. If you had a proper portfolio maybe, with all your current works on a github that people could have a look at, that'd be a bit more assuring. Over all, the application does look nice and good luck I suppose.
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  11. krazy

    krazy Member

    Actually, Discord bots can get quite advanced if you're trying to make them advanced. I'm sorry to say but you're completely wrong on that :) Also only discord selfbots are against the TOS under certain conditions, aka your selfbot is abusing the API. Socialnetworking also isn't a project, it's a username from someone else using my application. I agree with your portfolio statement, thank you for the suggestions!

    EDIT: Typed on phone, sorry for grammatical errors if any. Also I'd like to point out that you can feel free to search up any projects or look for any similarities on the internet, you will not find any code remotely close to mine. I take pride in coding, even if it isn't some complex thing, I really enjoy the discord bots and coding around that, discord is super advanced when you make it. I have a lot of cool examples of stuff, but once again I strongly agree with your statement about a portfolio, it's overdue from me for sure.
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  12. Lewis

    Lewis Head Developer Staff Member Head Developer

    Hi Krazy,

    Thanks for applying for the Crafting Dead your experience within general programming seems quite in-depth and you will be successful in the future if you continue to keep it up.

    I am sorry to inform you but your application is currently being denied. For the programmers side of things, we normally like to ensure our candidates are 16 and above, though not noted. The reason for this is that the development position is a paying job and contracts must be signed. I would like to additionally notify you that this isn't the only reason as that would truly be unfair! The reason I have actually denied you is because you don't have experience within modding Minecraft. As of now, we are going through some extreme changes within Crafting Dead and the bar has risen in terms of strictness within management. We simply do not have time to allow you to develop your skills as we have lots of ideas to implement and we are running on tight schedules.

    In the new year we are looking at bringing in a gamemode and this is something which will spike the player base. I would like to thank you for applying once again.

    Kind Regards

    Head Developer
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