Rejected KittenzPVP Staff Application.

Discussion in 'Staff Applications' started by KIttenzPVP, Oct 11, 2018.

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  1. KIttenzPVP

    KIttenzPVP New Member

    * In game minecraft name(s) :


    * Age. (Note: You must be 14 or over to apply) :


    * What is your timezone/country? :


    * Do you have a working microphone? :


    * Do you have Discord? If so please list your Discord name with number discriminator. (eg, Zand#0001) :


    * Are you bilingual? (Fluent in multiple languages, and not just one) :

    I know mostly only know English, But i know a fair bit of polish as well.

    * When did you join Crafting Dead? ( m/dd/yyyy )

    10/10/18 (Bear in mind this is when i have played online. I played the pack quite a lot offline so i am very familiar with how it works.)

    * Do you have any previous moderation experience? If so, please describe it below. :
    If you are a moderator on other server(s), then you must provide invite links as proof.

    I have run my own server called KalikaPVP, I was also the lead Developer on another server called ClayCraft.

    In addition i have been staff on the following servers (Moderator-Admin)


    (Unfortunately all of these servers i have listed are closed.)

    * Why are you interested in becoming a Moderator? :

    I am interested in becoming moderator on the crafting dead server for several reasons, First of all I really love the crafting dead servers and I see myself playing for countless hours on all of them.
    I would like to help out and keep chats clean and I also really enjoy helping new players and players with less than me.
    In addition I am also on quite a lot so in the event that a player needs support i will be on to help quite a few hours of each day.
    I also like to think that one day i could work my way up and help the server in a bigger and better way.

    * Tell us what you think makes a good role model on the Crafting Dead Network. :
    Please give 2 - 3 examples!

    - Respectful language.

    - Kind and Helpful.

    - Someone who has no history of bans or mutes or any kind of behavioural correction.

    * How much time do you have to contribute to the role? When did you begin playing? :

    I can be on at least 3 hours a day. Up to 8 on some days. I began playing yesterday or the day before, I cannot remember the exact day.

    * In detail tell us why you should be chosen over other applicants who are asking for the same role? :

    While there is not much that makes me stand out from the crowd, I can be loyal and I am very respectful and I work very hard to make sure everything I do is done to the BEST of my abilities. It also takes a very long time for me to get bored of something so I will most likely be playing this pack for a very long time before I get bored of it. I am very familiar with crash reports and i have a fair amount of experience with moderation. I also have a lot of experience coding plugins and mods as well as quite a few management aspects of servers. If i'm ever not online I can usually get online within a few minutes if a situation arises as I work from home. I am also quite familiar with the pack and able to answer players questions easily.

    * Give us a few reasons why we should bring you on as staff member, what makes you better than others? :

    I should be chosen because i can be online more than most people I am very mature, very respectful, and i love helping people. I am also familiar with the pack, able to help players with crashing issues, and able to help players with problems relating to their Technic launcher.

    * Which server are you most active on within the Crafting Dead community servers? :

    Dead Island

    * What are your top three weaknesses? (Nothing is not an answer). :

    - I am very stubborn and if something does not go my way i can get quite butthurt about it, although i am good at internalising it so that way it will not affect those around me.

    - I am absolutely awful with time.

    - I can at times get over competitive

    * Any questions or concerns? :

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  2. Schnozmo

    Schnozmo Senior Staff Staff Member Senior Team


    I suggest a few things, you just joined our Community within the week, and it's impossible for you to know this community within that week.
    Adding more detail, show that you care and you really want this position. Add some color, make it look nice :)
  3. LegionPlays

    LegionPlays Senior Staff Staff Member Senior Team

    Hello, I have noticed that you have recently joined out modpack and may not know as much about this modpack compaired to our other players and users. Also you lack some much needed detail that could benefit this applocation. Also as as Schnozmo suggested, you should add some decorations.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2018
  4. Tanky

    Tanky New Member

    You need to use complete sentences. Grammar and completion is the expectations of what these applications should look like.

    Please fix this and also add some more detail.
  5. KIttenzPVP

    KIttenzPVP New Member

    Hi, I will fix when i am home. Thank you for your feedback.
  6. KIttenzPVP

    KIttenzPVP New Member

    Okay so I added everything I can. I hope it's enough detail. I really can't think of anything else to say and I sat here for 45 minutes looking at it.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon. :)
  7. Simon

    Simon New Member

    Kittenz People sit more than 45 minutes doing their applications, I think you should add some more detail but that's just me.

    Good Luck

    -Simon (Joined CD in 2014)
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  8. KIttenzPVP

    KIttenzPVP New Member

    I put in quite a lot of time, The main issue simply comes down to the fact that I do not have much to say. I am a quiet reserved person and I keep to myself. There is not much to share.

    Also in the case of many applications such as you have described. I have noticed that they tend to repeat the same things over and over and over. They just 'elaborate' with different words. In the case of me and my application I say everything flat out instead of beating around the bush.

    I appreciate your feedback though!
  9. JamalCurry

    JamalCurry Member

    Hi! This application mas some detail, and I love the color scheme. But I think you should spend more time with the community and get to know it better. As for your moderation skill, you gave me little about what you could do, however, you said you were on often and could follow instructions/loyalty(you mentioned that). Thanks for applying, needs a little work, but good luck and get to know the community, you will need experience in the community if you wish to thrive. :)

    Note: Take time to review your application over and over. It may help when deciding what to change, or what could use more detail, or just to look at it.
  10. JamalCurry

    JamalCurry Member

    I agree. More time could be put in this application, but for starters, you have to admit, for being on for only about a month, she did a good job. Just a little more effort into details and tweaks.
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2018
  11. Zandnstorm

    Zandnstorm Admin Staff Member Community Manager

    Hey KittenzPVP
    Thanks for your interest in becoming a member of the CD staff team, unfortunately you have been unsuccessful this time. Although your application is well written and has a lot of time and effort put into it, some of your actions on the server would suggest otherwise. I have gone through your chat logs in game and have found some material that would suggest you are not quite ready to handle the task. Thank you for your time and sorry for the late response.

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