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    General Information

    What is your name?

    My real life name is Kian.

    What is your in game name?


    What is your Discord Username?

    My Discord username is Kikife#4264 (with number included)

    How old are you? (Minimum age to apply is 14)

    14, recently turned

    What is your gender (Male / Female / Other / Unspecified)


    What country do you live in, and what timezone?

    BST, I live in the United Kingdom ( England )

    Can you speak any other languages, if so please list?

    I can speak basic French. However, like most others, I wish to expand my knowledge of languages as far as it can go. This would help in communication seeing as the Crafting Dead is played all across the world. French is only one of the numerous languages. For now I am focused on expanding my French knowledge.


    • English
    • French

    Server Questions

    What server do you spend the most time playing on?

    I spend most of my time on Charland EU (Used to play Charland EU 1 the most but it transferred into only one server)

    Are you a donor, if so on which server?

    I am currently a Soul Catcher on my most played server. I’ve been through a lot of trouble with my rank and recently decided to take up the case again, and re-make my rank application. Toyhat & Affusion got it sorted, and I was extremely happy when they did because it attracted me even more to Crafting Dead, more than I was before. I am also a Soul Catcher on Charland US it seems.

    How long have you been playing the server on and when did you start?

    I’ve been playing Crafting Dead for a jolly long time. I’d say I started around 3-4 years ago, not exactly sure. I found the modpack, and I thoroughly enjoyed playing it. Back then it was singleplayer and ran practically solely from F3’s guns mod, but expanded into the survivalist game it is today. Since then I’ve introduced quite a few friends to the vast, zombie filled expanse and they’ve really enjoyed themselves. Since the servers came up, I have always been playing on the server Charland EU 1. It has always been the main server for me because it runs on my timezone (or around it) and a lot of people there spoke English and were very sociable. As well as this, the people I’d met would mainly be on around the times that I’d be online, making it even better & easier to meet up and mess around killing the hordes ahead.

    What is something you would like to achieve, here at Crafting Dead?

    Well, I’d say I’d like to achieve peace. Now, this is a stupid thing to say, but I prefer it when it is PvE, and the players team up against the harsh conditions. However, this is not possible, so I suppose these are my mind traits, traits that I think I can only accomplish in my head and nowhere else.

    Possible things that could actually benefit the server from my being there would be cut of swearing. See, I don’t often see players on the European network, let alone Charland. Of course I’d devote my time to more than just this, but I see a lot of players disregarding rules there. This to me is just a plain out violation of what the servers stand for and how they run. See, a pet hate of mine is swearing and a lot of people call me petty because of this. However, I understand that there are lot of children who play on the network and whose parents are quite sensitive to foul language. I’d hope to take the network a step closer to ridding this, although it will NEVER be fully abolished.

    As well as the previous statement, I find that there are a lot of people on the Discord server also undermining rules. Just today there was two trollers online who were swearing and spamming the chat, obviously to evoke a reaction from the others online, and then exploit that to make them seem bad. Now, I understand that that is not punishable, but swearing and spamming definitely is. There are always staff looking out at the Discord, but I’d like to add to that and make it even easier for them to catch those rule breakers.

    Do you think other players would recommend you for the position, and why?

    I think that there are two siding opinions here. Some players would, and some wouldn’t.


    I think that players would recommend me due to my nice manner, which I do not often break, and light heartedness, even though it gets me killed in games sometimes. And sometimes I am just ruthless, not letting anyone get away. This side of me is sometimes revealed, but not as often as being nice. Matter of fact, I hardly ever see it. I suppose that they’d say I am a very nice person, and although most people didn’t know of me (Due to my rank being default for the last two months or so) I’d say that if they got to know me, they’d recommend me in a heartbeat. As well as this, a few know of my motivations, although I can’t really list who because they’ve left the CD network for quite a while now, they would definitely say that I am the correct person. I can say this in confidence due to being in a working environment on servers before with these and many other people, where I have helped as much as can be helped, given advice and much more.

    Not recommend?:

    I suppose the one downfall I do have is that sometimes I can be quite impatient. When my rank was being dealt with (for the first time) I did not take into consideration how much their workload really was and I did say quite a lot about my rank. I suppose I was eager to see it return so that I could return to former glory, but I got impatient enough to nag a little. However, I have tried to work past these downfalls, and I wish to completely overcome them as soon as possible.

    Have you ever been punished by a staff member on the server(s)?

    I have never been punished by a member of staff, according to my memory, whilst I have been in possession of my account. No known person has seized my account, so I do not think I have any punishment history.

    What has overall motivated you to apply for staff?

    I suppose I did say this beforehand, but I can go into elaborate detail due to this being the actual question. I see a lot of players disregarding rules on the discord, and on the game. You see, I want to try and help abolish this (the staff are already doing an amazing job!) and try to make the server a much better and more easily played environment. I want the people who are disregarding rules to know their place, and to know that playing this game comes with set consequences if you disregard rules.


    We did have Discord Support and definitely moderation teams, but they cannot get every last person at every time. However, I do see them do a good job and execute their job to the best of their ability. But, nonetheless, I see a lot of players still disregarding and not exactly following the set rules of the Discord channel. Today there were two individuals spamming and swearing in the chat, as well as disregarding and degrading other players. I tried to partially settle the situation, as it was going on for a good 5 minutes without a staff member noticing, and I was then degraded and made to look bad by these people. I suppose they tried to make me look foolish and point out the fact that I was ‘mini-modding’ which I hardly ever do. This was not the case due to the fact that I was just trying to settle the situation. In the end, a moderator saw what was occurring and finally dealt fair punishments.


    In game, for me, it is a lot rarer to find a staff member. See, there are a lot of staff members BUT they are spread out. This means that not every server can be covered by a staff member, meaning that some players may get away with certain things that disregard rules. My personal experience is all based around Charland EU #1 when it was a thing. You see, for the longest time I have tried to enforce rules, and I suppose it was called mini modding. I was very happy when a staff member would finally come on and deal out a punishment to a player disregarding rules. My main experience was around swearing, seeing as alot of the players there got killed, they swore. I suppose they’d think it relieves stress, but in actual fact it just causing them more issues and also hurts other players. There was also a lot of disrespect that occurred there, and that was not to my liking. I really thought that this can change, and it really has, but I’d just really like to add to the mix, and help other players. Like I said before, I’d of course spread myself out between the EU servers, to try and cover as much ground as possible and get players on the correct tracks.

    Communication Requirements

  2. Kikife

    Kikife Active Member

    Have you got a working microphone which can be used to easily communicate with others?

    I have two microphones

    Razer Blackwidow 7.2 headset mic
    Blue snowball Microphone

    If we pick you, would you be able to take part in an interview with the recruitment team?

    I would be able to do verbal and textual interviews with the staff team.

    Are you able to record, if necessary when you need proof of hacking / someone breaking rules?

    I currently have Fraps installed on my computer therefore allowing me to record and upload footage of rule breakers.

    In-Depth Questions

    Why do you want to be a staff member?

    Again, I have sort of explained this a lot beforehand but I will brief it over, and make it a lot longer than before. I want to become a staff member due to the exceeding amount of rule breakers who think that they can dampen the lovely ground of the CD network. This means that they are trying to gain unfair advantages, be exceedingly rude, or swear at other players around them. These players than think that the network is a horrible place to be. However, I think that this judgement is too soon and issues can be dealt with that are needing tending to. The staff team are brilliant, and I do not doubt that. But they cannot cover every issue as quick as some players would like. I know that these players do not respect the workload of a staff member, and I used to be one of them, but I now respect what they are doing for the network and know that it is extremely good of them to be doing this to keep the players entertained. But, like I’ve said, rule breakers are just too common now and really make the game a bad place. I want to add to the staff team, and in turn dish out righteousness to those who would see the crafting dead network become a lot worse, and turn it from an amazing game filled with hours of fun to a nasty, dark game where everyone is wishing other players ill-will and dishing out horrible curses. A topic I have not really covered yet is hackers. Now, hackers are people who install modified clients which in turn provide unnatural advantages to the particular player. This is just making the game a much less fair place, and those who play legitimately are feeling down due to the fact that these hackers are using these unfair advantages. Now, staff usually respond to these, but it can take some time like foul language reports. This is not great, as it allows for the player to gain these advantages and ruin the game. Staff usually hear it from the Discord server, and go to check it out. However, if a player is hacking more discreetly and a staff member loses interest, a report on the forums is most usually made. Now these take up to a day to be responded to from my knowledge, and the staff members are trying their best to get through these. However, I do not like the fact that the staff sometimes to not meet ends and it can take a lot longer for a player to be banned that is hacking.

    As well as this huge chunk of a paragraph, in the past I have seen my friends become staff members. Although they were Chat Moderators, they really did make a big difference to the community by cutting the use of foul and spamming language a lot. However, these are now gone and the staff is tight and reserved to only a select few, of which I hope to become.

    Here are some Scenarios, that I have devised myself and answered in detail, these can contribute to what I can do for the community:

    Scenario 1:

    If there was somebody in discord (or other communication ways) playing loud music and disturbing others what would you do?

    I would simply ask the player to lower their music and stop annoying the other players. If the player refuses, I would tell another staff member and get some evidence of the member playing loud music. After doing so, I would mute the player or kick the player depending on how many offenses they have.

    Scenario 2: There is a player in chat spamming KYS, what do you do?

    I would mute the player instantly and then get screenshots of the player spamming KYS. Although Mineplex prevents this, there are ways around it that others players can visibly see.

    Scenario 3: You are in a battle but there is a player setting off alerts, what do you do?

    I would not even care about the battle because I am all about maintaining a good image of the server and if a tournament means more than maintaining a good image of the server, then I should not be picked as a staff member. In this situation, I would exit the tournament and teleport to the player setting off alerts. If the player is hacking or breaking a rule, I would go through the whole hacking process.

    Scenario 4: A youtuber threatens to make your life miserable if you do not unban his friend, what do you do?

    I would simply ignore the youtuber even if he threatens to make my life miserable, but I would get evidence of the Youtuber saying he would make my life miserable and report it to a HR staff immediately. A famous youtuber is not to be taken any less or higher than an actual member.

    Scenario 5: A close friend of yours is permanently banned and requests to be unbanned. In return he wants to give you $100 for being a great friend. What would you do?

    In this situation I would tell my friend that I can not do so because it is considered abuse if I do so and I could get demoted. Even if my friend would give me $100 it could be used towards an unban. If there is no unban on the store $100 is not worth losing my staff rank. As I have said before nobody that I know or is close to me should be seen differently and I as a staff member should not give a biased opinion or unban a friend because of the fact that he is a friend.

    Why choose me?
    I have been a part of CD for a long time, and understand what players to that is wrong and right. From this, I gathered that it is a very exciting and thrilling place to be, with all of the members being quite caring and ecstatic except for a few. I have also seen the staff, and they are also very nice people, although I'd say that they should improve a little. I don't mean this in a bad way, however. I have also realized the rate that the server is growing will mean in more staff being required. This is where I have decided to come in, and to try and give support when needed.


    Well, I'd like to achieve staff activity. On the servers I see staff a lot, and they are really nice. It doesn't really bother me, considering that a lot of people on my own old server are considered 'Hackers' by other donators and defaults alike. I want to go to every server and put an end to it, providing my support & help wherever I can. I also want to put an end to the swearing and over-use of capitals, so that no younger children have to see them swearing, and that their parents do need catch them playing on a game with bad words and such. I have been here for so long, and I have seen the start of this lovely server. It has been an excellent journey as a default here, but now I want to make a real difference and help all of those around me, too. I have been on the forums a few days and am getting familiar with the community, as I have been in the online forum community for a while now. On the servers my assistance is mandatory and I will always give it, and to the best of my ability the forums and even discord, too.

    If you became a staff member, name three things which could benefit the Crafting Dead from your hiring?

    • Gaining responsibility is a big thing. Now, for a staff member to benefit the network, you need to have set personalities. One of these traits of mine is the willingness and light heartedness to help any member, and in doing so be as nice and gentle as possible, depending on their own personalities.
    • I know this is a common thing, but dishing out punishments to those deserving will be quicker and more efficient with another competent staff member working alongside you.
    • And finally, my impatience. Now, this trait isn’t particularly good, and it is not shown too often in me. However, used to the correct degree, it can be circulated into punishing players quicker and making it easier and a lot nicer for the other rule abiding players.

    What interactions have you had with the staff team in the past, explain this in detail?

    I have interacted with a few of your Chat Mods a lot, but I will not go into that seeing as they have been abolished and new staff brought in.

    I have interacted with only two main members of your team, Affusion and PWRxPsycho

    I have interacted with both of these due to my rank being lost and there being tight circumstances under which it was lost. Affusion helped direct me to Psycho who in turn helped me out, however did not follow up. Two months later I created another post where Toyhat referred it to Affusion and it was fixed.

    Apart from this, I have interacted with the Chat Moderators which are now gone. I am not going to disclose names, but I can say that we were good friends and that they did their job excellently. I have learned a lot from them and I intend to put it into this application and job if it comes down to it.

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    Can you name the main body of the Crafting Dead staff team?


    Leader -F3RULLO13

    Leader - CD_Billy/Affusion

    Manager - CakeBrains


    Administrator - iLewyyy

    Administrator - Toyhat

    Administrator - creeperdiamondz5


    Developer - PWRxPSYCHO

    Developer - Destrotroop

    Developer - Lewis

    Developer - ParadoxicHF

    Senior Moderators

    Senior Moderator - Cide

    Senior Moderator - FiveSevenIsKey

    Senior Moderator - iNovaa

    Senior Moderator - Jellal


    Moderator - SnIP3PlaysHD

    Moderator - Aj1144

    Moderator - Jason4890

    Moderator - AndrewK12

    Moderator - Tikachuu

    Moderator - Jacksonation

    Moderator - Allenfish

    Moderator - Matrixz

    Moderator - BloodKnightsHD

    Moderator - NateSnake8YT

    Moderator - Joeli_Ollie

    Moderator - netgear481

    Moderator - DayEmu

    Trial-Moderator - Equad

    Trial Moderator - gomizzou4

    I do believe that is them, I coloured them for references. Tell me if I got them wrong

    Important Questions

    What experience with moderating a community have you had in the past?

    These are servers I DO NOT have proof of being staff on, so I can only discuss my experience, so therefore it is why I have decided to share them I guess. Now, although it looks like the servers I was staff on did not succeed, I still have previous staff experience and I have learned a lot. My past staff experience was a little rough due to the fact that the servers that are prone to being a big server never actually released, but that did not stop me from being staff on those servers. I even ran my own little server for factions and skyblock, but never released because I did not want to pay for an actual server host. Now, enough about my past of staffing, time to tell you what I did as a staff member on each server.

    So there are many servers that I can name that I was staff on, but they never really released and they were all mainly unprofessional except for the 4 that I have named above. LewkiCraft (my own), YoshiPvP, also known as YoshiGames (old name), and another server run by my friend Tashie and I called FantasyCraftRPG. Also, the other server that I was staff on was called DoggieGames, which again shut down. LewkiCraft was a server run by 2 owners me, and my cousin. The server was supposed to open about 2 months ago, but it kept getting pushed back due to the fact that our domain changed and we got setback due to IRL problems. At the time I was the owner and highly ecstatic to get my job started of managing and sustaining the server. The server kept pushing back its release date, and I have to admit I was ready to resign as owner and leave my cousin the server. Even though I had thoughts of resigning, I helped out as much as I could, editing my plugins, helping with the the spawn and some maps and testing out the anticheat. You would say that my hard work was not enough for the me and my cousin at LewkiCraft to to sutain the server and keep it alive. I tried so hard, but yet I couldn't figure it all out.
    About 2 months ago, the server closed down.

    On to YoshiPvP, I started as a Jr Moderator but soon realized that I had the skills to try for a higher rank. I did not really know how to code, so I could not go for Developer, but instead Moderator. As a Moderator on YoshiPvP, I looked for rule breakers and basically looked out for toxic players in chat. I was working super hard and luckily the owner saw a spark in me. I was then pulled into a meeting and was interviewed. Later on that day I was promoted to Senior Moderator. While working on the PvP server, I found a love for staffing and I continued my legacy. Later that month, about 2-3 days after my promotion, I was introduced to new commands and I learnt them. I began to fall in love with the 2 plugins known as PermissionsEx and Essentials, which I already had fell in love with on LewkiCraft. I continued using both plugins on a small server I made to test things out and about 2 days after the Sr Mod promotion I was promoted to Head Mod. I continued to work hard and I ended up catching and banning a lot of hackers, and muting the nasty swearing people who think they are actually contributing to our server by being horrible to others. I ended up creating new donor ranks, all having working permissions and I also world guarded the new spawn and made it so that only the owners and Admins could place stuff. After all of this work, it was time to see how the server would go. The server ended up hitting a high of 30 players and a low of 10 players on a daily basis. I overall did not feel satisfied, but it was only my first time doing it. Later on, a few of the mods resigned and the server started going downhill a bit, therefore bringing the server to a low playerbase. YoshiPvP. The server is still open today, but the server is currently at an all time low of playerbase.

    FantasyCraftRPG, there is nothing much to say because not much had happened. I was basically just working on it in my spare time. The server was a newly developed server and was working on RPG experiences, like Wynncraft. The server was run by me and my friend Tashie, like I meant before. Now, on to DoggieCraft. This server had 2 owners, 2 admins, 2 moderators and was made in one day surprisingly. Even though the server was made in a day there were still some bugs, as each island was only 200 blocks away from each other and players were able to connect islands. So we ended up shutting the server down for maintenance and we fixed the problem. Later on, we ended up getting 30 players and we gave away a rank. Unfortunately, I did not record the drop. On this server, I set up all the permissions, ranks, shop, and I did all of it with world guard, WorldEdit, PermissionsEx, and SignShop. During my time as a staff member on these servers, I have learned one thing, work hard. As a staff member, I worked hard since day 1, because I knew that if I worked hard that I would end up being successful. In each and every one of these servers, I have also taken full responsibility for every one of my actions. I was also very truthful and was never in my staffing experience ever biased towards a friend, youtuber, or family member. My friend told me he was hacking and I banned him because I knew he was known for using Vape and he ended up telling me that it was just a joke. Then after he said I was joking, I told him to upload and I screen-shared him and found vape.

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    Do you know the general commands which a moderator should need to use, please list them?

    These are some of the commands you might need to use:

    /ban (Player Name)

    /kick (Player Name)

    /mute (Player Name) (Time in seconds)

    /tempban (Player Name) (Time in seconds)

    /warn (Player Name) (Reason)

    For Viewing:



    /speed (Not Often Used)

    /tp (Player Name)

    For General Use:

    /GM or /Gamemode (1) (2)

    Not often used but /bc or /broadcast (Message)

    Compulsory Questions

    Do you understand that you will have to act in a mature manner at all time while working for the Crafting Dead staff team?

    I understand that this is needed to maintain a good image on the team.

    Are you able to contribute enough time to the Crafting Dead forums and servers?

    I can contribute on schooldays:

    From 16:00 TO 20:00 BST

    Monday - Friday school week.

    On weekends and holidays I can contribute:

    From 8 AM - 10 PM time on the Discord servers and on the main CD network.

    Do you agree to follow all rules on the server while being a moderator, and enforce them when necessary?

    I agree to do this.

    Are you able to help anyone who is in need of assistance while being logged on the forums/servers?

    I can do this when I need to, especially to help players.

    Do you agree to not ask a staff member or player to review your application, to accept/deny or give unfair advantages?

    I agree never to do this.

    Any optional, extra details about being a moderator, or yourself?

    Accepted over other applicants because?:

    I feel I should be accepted over other applicants due to the fact that I am mature, responsible, trustworthy, respectful, enthusiastic, and overall a positive and kind person. I believe that with these qualities I can create a better image of the server. I believe that not only can I help the server grow its player base, but I feel that I can help maintain the playerbase and give out as much help as possible whilst enjoying myself as well. When staffing a server, I believe that what is best for the players, is what is best for the server. I should be accepted over other applicants because I am not one who hides behind a blanket, I like to be outspoken, and I like to take full responsibility for any action of mine whether it is a good or bad one. If is a bad one then it is my responsibility to take any punishment for it because in the end it will help make me a better person, instead of lying and blaming it on another staff member. I am also not one who is afraid to ask questions, I will ask questions if I do not know how or what to do in certain situations. I feel that no question is a dumb question, which is why I respect every question and suggestion that every player has. I am also very committed to being a great staff member and I am a hard worker when something needs to be done. I will always be positive and will never let the negativity in me affect anything I do as a staff member. If a player calls me names, I will simply ignore them or punish them for staff disrespect. As an applicant, I have realized that putting in more than 100% effort to type the application is what counts the most, because it really shows who you are and what you are all about.

    If I go on holiday, I will give the staff team a notification about it and tell them, as well as post it on my forum profile. I will also state the number of days of absence, and try to be back as quick as possible to the community.
    If my microphone suddenly cuts or my mouse or keyboard goes, please do not blame me. I will try to act as fast as possible if this happens. As well as this, if I am in the middle of contributing or speaking to staff, I will say if I need to go and state an appropriate time of arrival.

    I have chosen to list these things, due to them being personal attributes which may / may not affect my staff application.

    I wear glasses. Yes, that’s right. I wear glasses, and I’ve had them since Year 2 in British years, which is about a good 7-8 years. Now I’ve of course been jeered at and teased because of this, but it was never really serious. However, that hardened me against any form of bullying that might occur.

    I used to get bullied by my own friends for no reason, and I don’t really want to explain due to the pain and that, but I thought I could say that.

    I have also roleplayed and I love to play the Crafting Dead, as a hobby and as a full on, fun game.

    About being a moderator, I think that it is an excellent position and that myself and many others are contesting for it. However, I wish to say that I will try my hardest to be put within those few who get to the pending stage of the application.

    There isn’t very much I can say about myself, because there isn’t much to know. If there are some things you want me to add on to this part of the application, please let me know.

    Also, my right hand wrist really hurts now... And this took 15 pages on Google Docs xD

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    Looks good just try not to space stuff out so much and don't clump it together but other than that looks good. Best of luck!

    Edit: you added me :D
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    Looks good and just like equad said try not to space stuff out to much and best of luck
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  7. Kikife

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    Thank you and Equad I have edited the application now
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    You have nice detail and an updated staff list. Best of luck to you!
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    Good application and nice detail, add me to it and you will have a +1 from me. :)
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    Added it, thank you for your contribution!
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    Hope you get accepted! +1
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    What happened to your last application? Were you denied? Anyways this looks like a good application +1.
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    No I added more detail to this one and deleted the old one :D Wasn't denied.
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