Rejected Kazuya's Mod Application For Most Recent(February)

Discussion in 'Denied Staff Applications' started by Kazuya_Zai, Feb 13, 2018 at 3:27 AM.

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  1. Kazuya_Zai

    Kazuya_Zai Member

    What is your first name?

    What is your Discord username?

    What is your in-game username?


    Currently, how old are you?
    I am 17 years old

    How long have you been playing Crafting Dead Mod?
    I have been playing Crafting Dead back when Aftermath and Cure was around, but I stopped for a while when I finished school early and got a job ,so I never had time to play games because I was so busy with my job.But i have now gained an adequate amount of time to spend on the modpack. Since i left Crafting Dead for a while when I finally got back to Crafting dead a lot had changed so it took a bit to get back used to playing CD but I eventually got back to my normal skill.I really enjoy playing this mod because it gives me a never ending sense of survival that just keeps me addicted to CD.In my own opinion, I don't think The Crafting Dead will ever fail as a server because it changes and keeps it's players happy!

    What has motivated you to apply for this position?
    Well the main reason I am applying is because Crafting Dead is my favorite mod,and I have always thought about being on the team. Another reason is I have a couple moderator friends that want me to apply so I figured I would.I love everyone having fun and playing fair because the Crafting Dead is a fun mod,so I would like to be part of the team so I can help anyone enjoy the mod.My motivation is really because I have been told I would never be moderator so I will thrive to prove them wrong.Most of the time when i want something that seems hard to get people tend to tell me to give up on it but the best part of that is,I NEVER give up because it's what makes it all the worth while.

    Why should we choose you over others who apply for the same position?
    I believe you should choose me over other people because I am a very serious and responsible person,As well as being mature and professional.I am also a very cheerful and talkative person and I always use my microphone for discord so I can talk to other people in the Crafting Dead discord .Even though this isn't a real job. I will still treat this like my IRL job,meaning I will treat it like a job and go through an interview process as well and take the role of a moderator seriously.

    Do you have any experience at community management or similar roles?
    Yes,I was a builder for a server on a modpack but I resigned because the build schedule didn’t work with my job schedule.As a builder we would be work on the server spawn and minigames hub,etc.In my time as a builder I have learned to do different themes for all my builds,as well as which blocks look good together and which ones don't.I have also learned little building tricks here and there.For my time playing minecraft, building has become my best skill.

    Have you ever been punished on the network?

    I have been kicked from dead island a couple times for swearing but I have been working on my language so I hope that's not against me.And I apologize for them as well.

    Tell us something about you! Any additional details can be written down here. What are your hobbies? What are you interested in? Let us know!

    My hobbies are Cooking,Welding, and having fun with family. My favorite music is dubstep or heavymetal/techno , I mainly listen to music on my way to work to help me get amped up for the day.I ran cross country for 4 years. I like to build things using my hands,I'm a tinkerer I always fiddle with things if i'm not doing something.I am in college as well, I am currently taking night classes for welding because I want to be a underwater welder when I get older.

    I hope whoever reads this has a wonderful day!
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  2. emeli999

    emeli999 Member

    I love your application.

    You have a few grammar issues in the text with "." "," "i" and other things.
    You could be more active in the community (on here) and as you said in the text you work a lot.
    I have known you as a friend for a time and I had the experience of seeing your work schedule and we never had time to play much due to you working so much. I think maybe you should hold off on applying until you have the time to take care of the servers like when you don't have a lot of school and work and other things going on, that will stress you out and make you focus less on the servers a mod.

    I love your colors in the application, and as your friend, I wish you the best of luck!
  3. LegionPlays

    LegionPlays Moderator Staff Member Moderation Team

    Hello, your application looks good. But "when I finished school early and got a job ,so I never had time to play games because I was so busy with my job" this may be an issue with the amount of time you are able to dedicate to the servers. You also have minor grammar errors. You should get to know thr community more before you apply. Good luck -Legion
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  4. Kazuya_Zai

    Kazuya_Zai Member

    Well my boss has cut my work hours so i have a lot more free time to dedicate to the Crafting Dead modpack
  5. Kazuya_Zai

    Kazuya_Zai Member

    Well as i told Legion i have had my hours cut due to slow business
  6. Kazuya_Zai

    Kazuya_Zai Member

    Thank you both Legion and Emili for commenting on my application have a nice day to both of you!
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  7. AAG_Victorious

    AAG_Victorious Famous Member

  8. Syncoman

    Syncoman Moderator Staff Member Moderation Team

    You have some errors with your punctuation, spaces go after things like periods and commas. You should also get to know the community more, good luck!
  9. AnarchicMeme

    AnarchicMeme Well-Known Member

    Decent amount of grammar issues that need fixing and you should become more involved on the forums. Other than that your application looks good and good luck.
  10. Kazuya_Zai

    Kazuya_Zai Member

  11. Jellal

    Jellal Senior Moderator Staff Member Senior Team

    Hello, you're being denied due to lack of dedication towards CD.

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