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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LegionPlays, Apr 17, 2018.

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    Whats wrong with keeping 1 or 2 official server. Do a mass migration and move everything to keep many people happy. Switch hosts and get a far cheeper host. Also I thought andrew left months ago and left it to you... cakebrians should have some kind of say, as hope was so close. I know that both if them have made the desission together. But its sad that the officials are going to close, most of the fourms and mark the discord unactive is just... I see many, many ways to fix this. I was hesitating to say this. But CD can live and flourish, if the devs had been not lazy and focused on new updates atleast once a month. To have more server events every few weeks and to work together as a team to have this. Host giveaways and make the game for friendly for thoes who can't buy ranks, for thoes who use low end pc's. I see no reason to pay a solid one thousand dollars a month, when other hosts will do one hundred player servers for half that amount. Many, many people like myself love getting onto the severs and playing. Love to have fun with friends and have a sever that is open and fair to all. The maps are very well done, the servers are lag free and are nice to play on. Its very good that people have somewhere to go that is playes by the modpack owners and friends. A place to go and have fun. I checked the popular modpack section for technic the other day and this modpack is very, very popular and has generated more downloads and runs that anyone could imagine. CD is still a fun place to hang and have fun with friends. CD is still a good place to fight other players and start wars. A good place to make new friends, here I have made many new friends that I have enjoyed playing with. Friends like no other and that form an amazing team. Friends that I play with on other games. CD has brought many... many amazing memories that will be with me till the end. I feel like many things can be done to save this, to save Andrews greatest acomplishment and the place he is famous for. The place he had made... the place he made it be what it is today. 2 years ago the severs had always beeb full and it was hard to get a player slot.I just feel that the spark is still lit and is will not die of it is given fuel. Its never to late to fix this. Thank you for reading this.

    You can respond how ever you like. I would prefer positive commends though. I just wanted to say my feelings. Thank you
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    You saying this just proves just how little you understand about this situation. First off, this community was so dead that you couldn't possibly dig it up. I was a Senior Mod for a long time and even I knew this, didn't stop me from trying though. Next up, how are you just assuming that this choice was made by Andrew alone? Brad as well wants nothing to do with this. If Brad wanted to save CD, he would have done the same thing as he did for CC. You can't save something that is already dead. CD is for sure dead at this point, I understand that. Why can't you?
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    This is beyond unfixable.. It's very clear that nothing can be done.
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    Just sent you a friend request on discord Legion i am going to work with my server network to keep crafting dead alive and need as much help as i can get. If the devs here want to move on thats fine i am willing and have the means to bring it up and keep it going. My network owns our own server blades so running the servers are no issue.
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    This community has been dead for a while. Why are you even posting this here? This seems like a request to management. Why don't you send this to them? There is nothing left in this modpack, it's dead. I don't understand why you can't just accept the fact that the game is dead and just move on. You said many, many people play yet there is an active player base of about less than 100 people. You also said the developers are lazy yet they contributed more to the modpack than you ever did. You were just a moderator and being a moderator is not a hard job what so ever. The reason the devs probably slacked on updates is because they knew that this modpack was going no where. There's no chance for this modpack to make a comeback, sorry. Minecraft as a whole is dead. Too many people are moving on. Lastly, please learn how to spell.
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    Anarchic I can agree to all of this. But especially to the part which makes the ex-/developers seem more important.
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