Is crafting dead dying?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Heartless007, Mar 27, 2017.


What do you think about the future of Crafting Dead?

  1. Crafting dead is dying ... and we should all fall apart....

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  2. Crafting dead is being reborn and we should stand together!

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  1. Heartless007

    Heartless007 Member

    So I noticed that they are merging servers and instead of the max players being 200 it's like 150 or 125. Now I think the staff team knows they don't have as many players as they used to and they decided to merg servers? I'm not sure ,but I think what's going to happen next is ranks and buyable things in shop will go up in price. Maybe Crafting dead is dying or maybe its just being reborn? But I'll stick to it till the very end. Leave me your options in the comments and let me know what you think.(PS hire a new or another game developer or whatever Andrews position is , so he/she can help Andrew to speed things up :/) another ps I also think it's dying by all the waiting for a new update it makes players stop building bases and getting loot and after a while they stop playing and just wait for the update or just stop playing all together. My good friend Super_Venom1 said he may quit due to all this... and it's very sad to see some old players go and after a while it makes you want to quit. But stand with me old and new players don't quit but support CD staff team when I graduate full sail university if crafting dead is still alive I'll apply to help code and create new items and zombies and many more cool mods. Stand with me players!
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  2. Hope, it's what drives us forwards. That's all we can do until the update comes.
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  3. Jellal

    Jellal Member

    I'm glad to see that you are confident and are willing to stick by the CD community, but yes, in many people's opinion CD is losing popularity. I personally think it's not really "dying" but just simply not as popular.
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  4. xXJason0134Xx

    xXJason0134Xx New Member

    Crafting Dead isnt dying but its unfair, people wo dont do anything gets banned... thats the reason why not so many players are on the servers and some servers are empty...
  5. Skapern

    Skapern Well-Known Member

    Is this a new trend?
  6. xXJason0134Xx

    xXJason0134Xx New Member

    think so...its kinda sad
  7. AnarchicMeme

    AnarchicMeme Member

    The modpack is continuing to decline in players. The motive behind this is Andrew doesn't ever update the mod. If he does update it, he adds stupid masks and clothing. Since there is nothing new being pumped out like in Cure, the modpack is losing players. Minecraft in general is losing players. My theory for Minecraft as a whole losing players is, people are getting older and want to move on to new games. When these people leave, there aren't enough new people getting the game. Same scenario for Crafting Dead... Losing interest due to the lack of updates. I myself have gotten quite bored of the mod. We need a major update if we want a chance for modpack to regain popularity again. In all honesty I don't see the modpack going far. It will never be the same as Cure, which everyone loved
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  8. LieghtTox

    LieghtTox New Member

    I personally feel like Crafting Dead went downhill when the Aftermath came out. Before that, CD was a masterpiece in the modpack community, no argue about that. Though Aftermath can be referred as the recent Call Of Duty games, it became less interesting and actually quite boring sometimes. The feel to survive a longer time isn't a question anymore due to the /tpa /home et cetera. Crafting Dead Cure in the other hand can be reffered as an Arma mod. I'd rather take back Cure as the main mod without questioning.
    I'm still standing by the staff and developers side, and therefore I'm going to vote for the second poll.
    Nevertheless to say Aftermath is still a good mod, but it has it flaws and need improvements.

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  9. Boneskel

    Boneskel New Member

    Are you really Blaming Living in Australia for You're Horrible internet?
  10. Hell yeah, if you don't live deep within industrialized cities you won't have excellent internet. The CD servers are based in the US which means the signal has to travel from AU to the US. Also it's "your" not "you're." You're is the contracted form of "you are" hence "You're." I'm sure you didn't mean "You are Horrible Internet" right?
  11. Boneskel

    Boneskel New Member

    Oooohhh, It's a Big Boy! I Live On an Island Off Australia (like Less than A KM off, You Take a Bridge To get there)
    And My internet is Fine! And If you want proof of this Islands Existence Please, Google "Bribie Island"
    Also, May I Tell you That It's not an "industrialized city"

    *Only and Idiot Wouldn't Know that the servers are based in the US, Considering Crafting dead is American.

    *Don't Correct me, You Know nothing about my Education And My Skills at Spelling, Typing, And Writing.

    * I understand How Connections Work. Only a 9 Year old Wouldn't Know that.
  12. Boneskel

    Boneskel New Member

    No, No flooding (Luckily)

    Also, We Should Probably stop, Becuase The Topic is CD dying.. not...

    Australian Propaganda...
  13. MythicalFood

    MythicalFood Member

    CD player base is dropping. But I really hope there is a way it will come back. Probably a few ways this can be done.
    - add clans back
    - server merged
    - Start advertising more (a lot more)
  14. Carlos123

    Carlos123 New Member

    This mod is dieing because of the increasing number of admins who abuse players as well as donors who abuse players.
    Here are the ways that they abuse players:
    1.Donors or anyone with the tp ability will tell players that they will tp them to shop when in reality they will tp them to their base and die. 5 out of 6 times, the tp person is tricking you into killing you and taking all your items.
    2.People can tp you into their base, and close the door and lock you in and ask you to pay money to escape.
    Both of these factors led to people quitting the game. The game functions so well. Its also so addicting. So there is probably a really small chance that people can actually quit. Maybe the times you've checked the servers were at bad times. For example, in America, people sleep at 12pm, wheras people in other parts of the globe are playing, and the amount of players varies a lot.
    I mean its 5/17/18 and theres over 1000 players playing on the servers in total at 5:31pm eastern time.
    Also, admin abuse scares away people. People leave this game because admins abuse their power to mute people and receive items that normally would not have been obtainable.
  15. Skapern

    Skapern Well-Known Member

    Are you fucking retarded?
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  16. _LostSkillz_

    _LostSkillz_ Member

    You see the problem is in my eyes isn't the community dying it was always the development side, not going to go into depth but I believe Andrew's choice to keep the servers to himself and not give it away and hope that the new owner will take good care of it. But rather it was more of a selfish decision and keeping CD as a trophy with total disregard about the extremely loyal players such as yourself and a lot of others. For them, you know who you are. He said that CD was a big thing for him which is totally true but he couldn't fully let go, however, if you truly love something, let it go. If there is a new owner (Which if Andrew sells the modpack he can make more $) but the very hard part is finding someone that will buy it and well, actually do something with it. If this does happen which is 1 out of a thousand if not a million then old players start to come back and yes perhaps CD can thrive once again, if this does happen I'll be a loyal player myself because all of us had these very nice experiences on this server. I definitely contradicted myself but in different scenarios not letting go can be a bad or a good thing.
  17. Reported for crippling retardation.
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  18. SquiddyUK

    SquiddyUK Member

    just let go of this minecraft modpack already jesus
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