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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by AugustKill, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. AugustKill

    AugustKill Member

    Give us an easy way to keep the community together,
    1. keep the discord and the website
    2. publish all your maps
    3. no bans
    4. give us an easy way to advertise for our servers
    5. publish your shop plugin
    I am good at making maps and servers,
    people like me need good ways to make them known to the public
    like let us write an "server application" directly in the game to the staff's email's and let them fastly respond do it and it the server (if it's good) to the menu!
    this will keep the community together, and, could keep a small player base for
    a return of this modpack, maybe, sometime...
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  2. AugustKill

    AugustKill Member

    also put some useful mods into the modpack like custom npcs or maybe some voice stuff
  3. Nanta18

    Nanta18 New Member

    I think they should make server owners possible to choose if there is raiding or not I want it back
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  4. AugustKill

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  5. MCSGaming

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  6. I present a more elegant yet simpler solution,

    m o v e
    o n
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  9. AugustKill

    AugustKill Member

    I played this mod for several years, I won't let all those memories die.
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  10. Beautifully said
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  11. Jellal

    Jellal Member

    You are still able to create servers of your own, the only thing that's going down is the officials.
  12. AugustKill

    AugustKill Member

    Huh we all know that
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  13. LegionPlays

    LegionPlays Community Staff Staff Member Moderation Team

    Or you could wait to see whats going to happen. As many of thoes points have been said they will happen or they will take the note and think about it.
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