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  1. Galactic_Ghost18

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    • Hello, i am Johnny, and i live in Minnesota nice to meet the community and everyone in the community. My hobbies are Video games and reading having schoolwork is the IMPORTANT thing because u can learn from it.
    What video game i like?
    I like Minecraft.

    What mod do u play?

    The Crafting Dead anything that includes with a apocalypse

    I know you all saw my thread
    ModeratorApplication: Galactic_Ghost18 and commented on it. But i wanna get to know the community more and how things work in this website, if u guys are online i will be sure to ask you guys. Make sure to comment down below if u want!
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  2. LegionPlays

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    Hello, and welcome to the crafting dead. Its good your taking my advice!
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  3. LPops

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    Welcome to the forums young one!
  4. Ayannaki

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    Welcome to the Forums Johnny! Nice to have you.
  5. gomizzou4

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    Welcome to the forums! Good thing you like homework, It is very stressful if you dont like it :)
  6. LegionPlays

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    School work? Im a Visual learner that listens to the speaker. I can learn some good things from listening to the teachers
  7. SquiddyUK

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  8. Pie4Dayz

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    Welcome to the forums Johnny! Hope you have a great time here at our community. I assume you are a Minnesota Wild fan as well?
  9. Galactic_Ghost18

    Galactic_Ghost18 New Member

    Yes lol
  10. Piggie

    Piggie New Member

    Welcome Galactic :)
  11. Blaze7381

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    Nice one.

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