I dont think many people will agree

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by FrostBitten09, May 31, 2018.

  1. FrostBitten09

    FrostBitten09 New Member

    So i bought SO many kits b4 the shut down comes back woosh kits gone and they arnt comin back?I dont even get a rankup for what happened i mean seargent is reasonible because i mean i lost 4+ 10-14 kits.Any1 care to agree?
  2. MCSGaming

    MCSGaming Member

    Their just kits, think about the people who lost their ranks.
  3. LegionPlays

    LegionPlays Community Staff Staff Member Moderation Team

    Ok time for an essay.
    1. You agreed to the tos and DONATED to the modpack. If you read it, then you would understand we don't need to give you a rank, refund or compensation in any way.

    2. This is not the official's and CakeBrians recovering the player data was out of kindness, he did not need to remember.

    3. He has the right to change and remove any kits/ranks becuase you agreed to the tos when you donated.

    4. As I said again MCSgaming, they all agreed to the tos and donated, not paid. Also CaksBrians did not need to recover the player data, he did it out of generosity.

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