I cant build a base :(

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by WolfyDK, Dec 6, 2017 at 4:10 PM.

  1. WolfyDK

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    Username: WolfyDK

    Explain findings (explanation): It is a problem with gathering ressoureces it says that i dont have any permission to get wood or stone. This bug only seemes to be on EU Atlanta

    Video / Images (Optional but Helps): Skærmbillede (3).png

    Severity (1/5): 4
  2. Blaze7381

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    That does seem like a issue, but why would you want to build your bad so close to reset?
  3. Pie4Dayz

    Pie4Dayz Member

    It appears that this bug is still a thing on this server. A work around this bug would be to buy the wood or other materials from the shop. But as Blaze said the base reset is very close (December 16th I believe) and I would not reccomend building a base. I’d reccomend selling everything you can to prepare for the reset, as balance does not reset. Good luck

  4. Affusion

    Affusion Head Administrator Staff Member Head Administrator


    Are you breaking the blocks within the shop/spawn regions? If so, find somewhere within the map that isn't a safezone.

    Let me know if this fixed anything.


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