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Do you think you should pay 150 USD for /sethome when every community server lets you have it for 0?

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  1. ImSetoKaiba

    ImSetoKaiba New Member

    Like seriously why is /sethome only for 100USD DONATORS? 100 $ JUST FOR /SETHOME, most ppl that play this game are kid, how the hell do you think kids will get 100 $ just to get to their base and not spend 20 minutes looking for a decent spawn to walk to ur base? honestly i spawn, and i have like 20 zombies on my side and 20 zombies on another
    and then i have to walk over to my base without anything and it takes a ton of time, like honestly and /suicide wouldn't be unrealistic cause honestly if an apocalypse happened i'd kill myself, second of all why do we not have /sethome for god sake? like honestly what the hell is wrong with the ppl who did this modpack? we have to pay them 100 USD just for /sethome?? how much of a money ***** are you? you can get /sethome on every community server i've logged on what's the problem with /sethome like bruh you really think a new player would be happy? just set his base, dies, 20 minutes just to get back to then die if he's unlucky.

    - Language adapted to non-swearing, unfortunately.
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  2. LPops

    LPops Famous Member

    It's $100 USD for Assassin which gives you sethome, also the /sethome gives a very critical and tactical advantage over other players if every player had /sethome then it would be madness.
  3. ImSetoKaiba

    ImSetoKaiba New Member

    what the hell are you talking about? /sethome gives no advantage, it just lets you get back to ur base, honestly, whats the problem? it doesnt give an advantage and it wouldnt be madness at all what are you even talking about its /sethome it literally lets u go back to ur base without spending 20 minutes walking and dying multiple times just to have a spawn atleast 3000 blocks away from ur base just so u can walk the 2000 blocks and get to ur base
  4. Jaden Merens

    Jaden Merens Active Member

    It gives a ginormous advantage. It is truly an advantage for those who have the money to spend on this game. Other wise it wouldn't be special, or worth the $100.
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  5. Hero_silas

    Hero_silas Active Member

    I kinda agree. I think the /sethome command should stay, but you should be able to set your spawnpoint in the base center (only in the base). I mean not like there aren't already way too many perks. This would also set a goal for non-donators: to try and get a base with gear and stuff (which is very hard without IG money).

  6. Wait wait wait. 100 USD for Assassin Rank?
    When did they made the price higher?
  7. ImSetoKaiba

    ImSetoKaiba New Member

    if i really have to pay 100$ for something thats free on community servers, i'll play on the community servers. "an advantage" you say, theres tons of advantages for the ranks including the kits, /sethome is just something u use cause it's important and it will help you a lot, and you're making ppl pay 100$ for it, just money hungry if you ask me.
  8. ImSetoKaiba

    ImSetoKaiba New Member

    most ppl don't have 100$ to spend on something that's free on community servers.....
  9. Jaden Merens

    Jaden Merens Active Member

    Which is why it's worth $100, it's such an advantage. That's why it costs so much.
  10. ToXic_Gamez13

    ToXic_Gamez13 Member

    It does give an advantage... 2 minutes for /home? If they add /sethome for every rank, I think lower ranks should have a longer cooldown.
  11. They do have a large advantage. Most people who have sethome will set their home at a looting spot or a supply drop zone (or if you're lucky, both, like airport or missile silo in Somerset), then when a supply drop drops, they'll be able to /home to it then /tpa back to their base/shop. Also they could go on a killing spree and when they're almost dead they can /home to their base. I don't excactly think it's worth 100 USD, you should be able to get it at like Mercenary rank, with more cooldown, and then at every rankup a bit less cooldown. Also, you said it yourself. "it will help you alot"
  12. _LostSkillz_

    _LostSkillz_ Senior Moderator Staff Member Senior Team


    Assassin is worth $100 and yes, the server pushes you to buy it because it's sort of pay to win. Not saying it's bad because that's why CD is thriving in the economical region. Let's talk about all its perks including the inherited perks and let us go more in-depth so please bear with me!

    /tpa this is a common command that even a survivor can use, and TP training is quite useful and to my knowledge, it is not against the rules and I know the rules inside and out so it's OP if you have about 2 or more people with you that's both survivors or higher.

    /suicide You might not see it as useful, as do I. However, doing this rapidly will get you closer to a spawn that's either near your base or near a popular place. You might argue you can just kill yourself by a zombie or just simply drowning and I agree but it saves some time.

    Global chat (!) This can be extremely handy for communication purposes such as asking to go to the shop or just making new allies, you might say "You can just message people" If you're on a big server like Dead Island or Atlanta you will notice there is a large amount of people on during the day and I'd say good luck messaging a large portion of the server to complete a task that requires communication.

    /feed Now this is extremely useful because why eat and waste time? In battle, you may not have time to eat because some players on here abuse sound I do all the time if they hear you eating that leaves you vulnerable to attack. Or just wasting time walking around the map trying to find food with only 3 hunger bars which means you cannot sprint and you may die by fast zombies or tanks.

    /echest Why wouldn't this be useful?! Extra storage that people cannot steal from you or give away on your own free will do I have to explain this one?

    /nick I mean, not really important just for cosmetic reasons, and you'd be surprised how many people want this permission.

    /sethome and /home You have permission to set home anywhere on the map and /sethome has no cooldown, if you manage to get in someone's base that just loves to stay in their little base it's over unless if they barb wire it or just block it off. You can do /home every 5 minutes so in that 5 minutes, you can easily get back to tower on DI, NASA on Somerset, Airfield, and PD on Atlanta and more! This is so OP and people argue that it should be nerfed, to explain why it should be kept if because people possibly ONLY donated this command so if it gets lowered to another rank like Veteran or Mercenary they wasted over $40 depending if they bought the rank on sale.

    I wouldn't say that it's a must buy but seeing how useful these commands are it is worth $100 dollars.
  13. Jellal

    Jellal Senior Moderator Staff Member Senior Team

    As Lost stated along with many others, if everyone had /sethome, it would be an absolute mad house. It's a very over powered command because it allows you to teleport back to where ever it's set. To add to this, imagine how bad it would be if everywhere you went people had homes. The Air Fields would be an absolute slaughter house if everyone could do /sethome inside of it. Along with that, this is indeed a massive advantage over people who don't have it, wars are made a lot easier to have the ability to just teleport back every 5 minutes. So to wrap this up, yes, people pay 100$ JUST for this perk, we will not be handing it out to everyone for free.
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  14. protogenius101

    protogenius101 Well-Known Member

    ".../sethome gives no advantage, it just lets you get back to ur base..."

    Ha...ha...ha...if only...
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  15. joseph6582 - Forum

    joseph6582 - Forum Active Member

    Either no-one gets it (I would personally want) or people that pay $150 deserve it! How hectic would it bve if everyone had /sethome?
  16. Denfan16

    Denfan16 New Member

    Your right, REMOVE /sethome we don't need it.
  17. _LostSkillz_

    _LostSkillz_ Senior Moderator Staff Member Senior Team

    If you read the comments the majority says no. I'll explain why in one simple sentence or I can in 3 words if you want it more in-depth actually read the comments. Here it is in 3 words, waste of money. Here it is in a sentence, people bought Assassin for sethome which is over $30 to $40 just for this perk. Striping it away like that is not fair what so ever and it'll be wrong. If you bought Assassin and lost your sethome and we can all agree it's OP you would be upset or anything of the sort because you just wasted $30 to $40 dollars on a game and now it's gone and guess what? No refunds so you'd be screwed if that happened to people that are Assassin+
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  18. xhypurr

    xhypurr Member

    Sethome is already abused constantly. Half of my deaths are
    •tpa to friend near me
    •it's been 30 seconds
    •they're gone with my gear since they tpaed to a friend, dumped the gear, and the friend /homed.
    •looting for another 10 minutes, getting stuff back slowly
    •guy /sethomed
    •get raped
  19. it should be for free BUT there should be a rule where u cant set home near ones base or near a supply drop we can all agree as a community this is fair and it benefits the community a lot and overall makes the game fair to play.
  20. LPops

    LPops Famous Member

    Stop necroposting
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