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Discussion in 'Mod Suggestions' started by trickysaber, Jan 6, 2018.

  1. trickysaber

    trickysaber New Member

    I suggest having more cooldown between /home and /tpa something like 2 minutes or so,so you could easily loot their stuff and go away before they come back again for you.It would make pvp way more funny that killing some non-clothing m4 only dudes spamming tpa to their friend and finally kill me.Sorry for taking it from my point of view of a non-ranked person.
  2. AquaNinja

    AquaNinja New Member

    I understand your concerns, but home already has a cooldown if you use it. I have Soul Catcher on three servers and it is a strategy to save your home. Now, if you are proposing to have this cooldown after you are KILLED, that is something I can get behind. Just know that restricting all tps is annoying if you just want to get all your friends together and that home is already restricted heavily and it is strategy that you are going up against. Home is not unlimited, but the use of it is being exploited by ranks (including myself on occasion) because they know how to save it. This has been proposed before, so I don't know how close the staff will look at your particular comment, but if enough people voice your concern, then you might make a compelling argument.
  3. trickysaber

    trickysaber New Member

    What is the home cooldown ? And even when they burnt their home they will be still coming back sooner because they can /suicide if i remember well i mean its kinda anooying being killed by the guy you are looting.Why cant every player get /suicide ?
  4. LPops

    LPops Well-Known Member

    Because /suicide is a reason to donate, also if the place they're going to is not near a spawn point it doesn't really matter
    And the home cooldown is 2 minutes, that gives you enough time to run away and/or prepare for them to /home.

    BTW if you don't like home or tpa you can play hardcore
  5. AquaNinja

    AquaNinja New Member

    The home cooldown is 2 minutes. You aren’t proposing anything new. It is in fact already implemented. The only way to make it better is for it to be unusable in combat and you have shown no indication to want to do that. At some point you just need to play smarter and this is one of those moments. If they home they home right away, so wait ten seconds and kill them again to activate their home. That’s what I do. So, my advice is to suck it up and play smarter until you can streamline your complaint, because again, It isn’t original and you haven’t indicated how to make a system that is already in the game better.

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