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    Hello there! I am Laughings. I am new to the Crafting Dead as I started playing only a few days ago. I instantly found it entertaining and tense. So, saying that, I hope to stick around for a while longer. I originally come from vanilla Minecraft in which I build for servers and networks. I still build and do commissions however I am looking for new places to settle down and play. I played Minecraft factions and other PvP games. Nothing is quite like this mod though! I really enjoy my time here and enjoy how much closer this community is over vanilla. Don't be afraid to say hi or drop me a DM on Discord if you're looking for people to play with! I hope to make lots of new friends here and can't wait for the future. Let me know who you all are!

    - Laughings
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    nobody said hi to him? sad... A bit late but hello!

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