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  1. Galactic_Ghost18

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    Im gonna quit now and wont ever play this again. such a dodo game. so much lags (i tried to clear everything but still nothing). i crashed sooo much one thing i dont like about the perks. /locate SUCH A FRIKEN CHEAP COMMAND JUST TO FIND PLAYERS
    and other people bullying u coz they have a rank and u dont, Moderators Dont do shit in tcd.
    ban me idc no more about this stupid dumbass game anymore, tcd is a game where cheap and perk buyers play, BAN ME FROM FOURMS,DISCORD,GAME EVERYTHING I DONT FUCKEN CARE.

    in the comments yall are gonna say "rager, rage" in ur sentence, i bet u a million dollars.

    fucken get lost kid
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  2. Galactic_Ghost18

    Galactic_Ghost18 New Member

    dont even try and help me

    ur wasting ur fucken time
  3. _LostSkillz_

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    Rager, rage. I'm just messing with you, but uh yeah the crashing and stuff are most likely on your end (Staff you might want to do something about that and at least try to help him or else this post will be another stepping stone for more players to leave). And to be completely honest /locate doesn't offer a lot, yeah you find someone but it's sort of hard to use. I've used it many times and sometimes it's a pain, there are other commands besides /locate that you should worry more about, such as /near /home etc. You should also know this game is pay to win, well not as bad as it was before but how else will you make money from a dead server?

    But yeah the crashing and lagging are on your end.
  4. ToXic_Gamez13

    ToXic_Gamez13 Member

    Well that is not very nice. /locate doesn't help you that much. All it does it show where THAT person was at when you did the command with the compass. But if that person moves, then you can't find them.

    Let's say:

    Me: /locate (gets compass, goes after someone)
    5 minutes later: I arrive at that area where the compass took me, nobody is here anymore.

    The person I was locating: All the way across the map.

    It's not really that useful in terms of it tracking someone down. Unless you want to camp someone's base, then use it when you KNOW they're at their base. Simple as that tbh.

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