Important Hardcore has been Released!

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    Hardcore Has Been Released!

    Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of this implementation into our network! We hope that you all enjoy this server as much as we have re-creating it.

    We sent out a survey asking for ideas and suggestions for which map should be used on the Hardcore server, whether it should be created, and what features should be included. This was sent out to all members of our community, and we’re proud to announce that we received approximately 500 responses! We received the following responses:

    76% of people said that they would encourage the release of Hardcore.
    46% of people said that they would prefer Hardcore to be Atlanta map.

    These are some of the most crucial results we had back. This allowed us to define the Hardcore’s initiation. We’re happy to announce that the Hardcore server is in fact the Atlanta map, as per the results from the survey sent to the community.

    What is Atlanta Hardcore?

    Atlanta Hardcore is different from other servers seen on the network before. It allows us to offer a non pay-to-win experience that people have been asking for frequently.

    • This server does many things differently to that of a conventional server on our network:
    • Bases have NOT been introduced to this server. They have been disabled.
    • Shop prices have been increased to offer a more challenging experience.
    • Supply drop times have been increased to 45 minutes.
    • Player render distance has been increased.
    • Two free kits have been introduced to ALL players. (Medical and Survival)
    • There is one donation rank with cosmetic/minor game-changing perks.
    • Minor game-changing perks have high cooldowns (including all kits).
    • Re-implementation of the ‘Hidden Airfield’ or ‘3rd Airfield’.
    • The removal of /shop at spawn, only working in in-game safezones.
    • A new fresh spawn to mark the server as Hardcore.
    • A more fair, more-realistic, and smooth experience as a player.

    Atlanta Hardcore will be constantly adapted to be better as users make suggestions and report any problems. We’ll work to make sure your experience is as good as possible.

    30% off Sale for Hardcore Packages Only!

    For the release of Hardcore, we have a 30% off sale! Use /buy. Sale lasting 24 hours only!
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