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    Hello, I am the prophet of the h religion, chosen by the god, Jellal, himself. http://prntscr.com/iblwvn

    The religion of the h is sweeping the crafting dead nation!

    The religion started with Jellal saying "h" and it quickly got many followers, here is the first instance of him saying "h": http://prntscr.com/iblyaz since that one time, Jellal has blessed us with 9 other times that he has said "h". Jellal, is a miracle worker of sorts, he's brought world peace to mostly every planet in the universe other than earth (He's still working on that!). Jellal has said many things that we can quote him on such as:


    "You can't touch the chicken coop before the old fat man tells us to fly"
    and the most inspirational one of all that keeps my hope in humanity alive

    "Sometimes, you never know what life will throw at you, life will just throw you in the trash if you let it, so just keep living, keep loving. If we follow those 2 principles we can get however many fruit-by-the-foots we could ever ask for"

    Jellal has made several rules for the religion in his own name and mine. There's a 3 step program.

    1. Never EVER use the name Jellal or say the word h in vain, this is a sin and will cause you to go to the worst place ever, forever... 9Gag where the evil demon, Jackson stays waiting for fresh blood to torture with anime memes and normie memes.
    2. You may never watch anime unless given a blessing by the great god Jellal or his prophet, depending on who you go to it will either be no or yes, if you are to argue with this or go against either person's wishes you will be sent to 9gag where once again Jackson will torture you.
    3. Never disobey Jellal, if you do he will decide your fate and you will never return to his palace to ever speak with him again.

    Everything in these rules can be forgiven if you are able to go repent them to Jellal as fast as you can so Jellal can forgive you, usually Jellal will forgive minor instances of these, but major ones will not go unnoticed and major sinners will be punished

    These are the most simple rules ever and we must never disobey them. I am currently working on all the stories to follow along with these. Please be patient as more of the h religion is revealed to everyone. @Jellal please confirm everything in this document to be true, thank you.
    Prophet, Cool kiddo, and lover of the h religion.
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  2. Jellal

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    You've done well my child.
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  3. Blaze7381

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    Death to the non believers
  4. Jackson

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    A forums meme, but every time it says Jellal its Green
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  6. gomizzou4

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    I feel as this is mimicking the wa movement.
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    I already broke all 3 of those rules plenty of times.
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  8. LPops

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    Have fun at 9gag with the demon jackson...
  9. Yup, I've watched each of the naruto movies(there are 8+ of them) at least 5 times! XD And I ain't scared of a little torture... Not only that it looks like jacksons a anime fan so we'ed get along just fine! "I bow to no man" Riddick Not only that YOUR "jellal" is a hypocrite! His signature is a anime girl spinning on a chair... *smh during a facepalm*
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  10. LPops

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    Jellal has given himself the blessing of anime :mad: also Jackson takes no mercy against people of similar interests...
  11. LOL, thats like trying to kill a rabbit before rabbits even existed... BTW You stated that you were a prophet. So prove it to me. Tell me what I am going to eat for dinner tonight. Then I may believe you.
    AKA:come an get some happy song by bring me the horizon!
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  12. LPops

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    A prophet is a person who is chosen by a god to spread the word of him or to teach the world of his existence, not all prophets are psychics..
  13. Welp... you just ruined your chance to get me in. I'm going to watch all 8 of the naruto movies again.
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    Lol what happened to the other religion you had pops?
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  15. LPops

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    What other religion? Burger time?
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    Only fitting that my 200th message goes in this thread.
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    Youve kept this thread alive, thank you so much
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    Who said he was keeping it alive

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