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    Alright here we go again:
    #1:Mini gun/Ammo backpack integrating and slight buff:
    First:A new ammo for the mini gun:A belt with 500 rounds. The mini gun cannot fire these new belts.
    Second:The ammo backpack gets ten slots.
    Third:For the belts to be used in the mini gun, you must put the belts into the backpack, and the mini gun must NOT have a mag loaded.

    The ammo backpack acts like a giant mag, counting all the belts inside the backpack as loaded in the gun, allowing you to have anywhere from 0 bullets to 5000 bullets in your "Backpack mag".

    When the ammo Backpack is holding belts, it makes you slower, like you are wearing a juggernaut suit. Then when wearing a juggernaut suit, you can barely move, and then when holding a mini gun, wearing the juggernaut suit, and wearing the ammo backpack with belts inside you cannot move, only spin and aim.

    Now this allows you to fire of 5000 rounds out of the mini gun without reloading totaling a lead spewing 25 seconds with 40 bullets a second.

    #2:A new sniper rilfe: Dragunov: (seriously, do I have to suggest this?)
    So basically for this sniper rifle I literally just averaged the stats of the AWP, M107, and the AS50. The stats turned out nice despite literally being a mediocre gun. Here they are:
    18 body damage----24 head shot damage
    19.8 recoil------------160 RPM(rounds per minute)
    88% holding speed-94% carrying speed
    Can take both but only scopes and only a bipod.

    The ten round mag for the Dragunov has 73% armor penetration.
    The seven round mag for the Dragunov has 95% armor penetration.

    The mags are actually were the Dragunov stands out.
    The ten round mag's armor pen was averaged between all the ten round mags of the sniper rifles, ending up in a high AP, but not as good as the AWP's.
    Even though the AP mag was also an average between the awp's default AP mags and the other sniper rilfe's AP mags, it averaged out at a high ammo capacity.

    #3:Dual pistols, a pistol buff:(have suggested this before but it got removed for some reason)
    Now duals would have to have their mechanics operating a little different, I will explain later.
    First, the way to get a dual is to craft ANY two pistols(including g18) together and you get a dual.
    The way to fire the separate guns is the left gun fires when the left mouse button is clicked. The right is fired by the right mouse button. There is no aiming with duals.

    Now, to reload each gun separately, you must empty the gun eg. on the left, and then click the left mouse button again. This will unload the empty mag from the gun. Click the left button again to load a new mag in, and the left gun is ready to fire again. The same goes for the right.

    To reload both guns at once, just hit r, and both mags will be taken out and hit it again and two mags will be loaded. The problem is that even if one gun's mag isn't empty, hitting r WILL unload and load both guns.

    #4:SPAS-12:(have suggested this before but it got removed for some reason)
    Now this shotgun is sort of a mediocre between the two shotguns, but also has it's own pro's and con's.
    For the damage I took the high body damage of the Mossberg and the low head shot of the Trenchgun.

    3 x8 body damage----5 x8 head shot damage
    recoil:depends, see explanation later. RPM: I am not sure, but high, probably like the 5-7 being 400
    Holding speed and carrying speed %:Low carrying and holding percent, the gun is heavy

    Without the special paint attachment below, you CANNOT aim with this shotgun. See below.
    The shells are blue and have 7 shells.

    Can take an eotech and a grip. The spas-12 however has two special attachments just for it.
    The first is a barrel attachment, and it adds a round to the shells mag inside the gun, whether the gun has one shell, three shells or seven shells, putting this on adds one shell permanently unless taken off.

    This attachment however DOES not generate ammo. If the gun is empty and you put on the attachment, it DOES NOT add a shell that counts as infinite ammo. However, if the attachment is already on the gun and you load the default seven round shells into the gun, they will become eight rounds.

    The second is a removable paint/stock attachment, and is a stock. When the stock is attached, you can aim with the shotgun, the carrying and holding movement speed percent is decreased some more, the gun has a little more accuracy and a little less recoil.

    One that I haven't given much thought too:An RPD. It's another Russian Light machine gun. It would be able to take RPK and AK 47 mags and it's default mag is the RPK's hundred round drum mag that should be able to be loaded into the AK 47.
    This one is just another gun that would be able to take the Russian automatic guns mags.

    I have sort of suggested this before but it got said no to: A grenade launcher. The grenade launcher would be a strictly strategic weapon as it DOES not change the way grenades work. The only reason for this weapon is to clear some grenades out of your inventory and to throw them a little quicker and have a certain order of throwing them.

    The way it would work is when you hit r with the grenade launcher, it opens up a gui, just like a chest. The gui shows six slots on a clockwise revolving cylinder, right above your inventory. The clockwise rotation is shown in the gui by a arrow on the outside of the cylinder pointing clockwise. The top center slot is the grenade to be fired. This is indicated in the gui by a little thrown grenade icon above the top center slot.

    You can put all types of grenades in the grenade launcher excepting the c4 blobs. The grenade launcher does NOT make you throw the grenades farther, but with the grenade launcher, you cannot use the short throw, only the long throw.

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