Gomi's Resignation

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by gomizzou4, Apr 8, 2018.

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    sup, I figured I would follow trend and make a post. I am sure everyone knows the main reason I resigned, but I have been getting really busy as well and go to college and the army in august so yeah. I'll still be around though. time for the thoughts.

    Billy - You are a fantastic leader and a great person all around. We didn't talk 1 on 1 much except in Pm's but you are truly a cool guy and cared a lot for CD and put a lot of effort in.

    Lewis - When I first got mod needless to say you scared me a lot. People always made the joke if lewis told you to join a room you are toast. In my last few months I have seen your dedication and how cool you really are. You always know the right stuff to say.

    Brad- Talked to you a bit, You were pretty fun and a great guy to hang around and talk too. I always loved your sarcasm.

    Toyhat- You are awesome all around. You are always there for staff members and I talked to you quite a bit. I'll definitely miss you a lot. You are a fantastic admin and staff member. Btw beans on toast stinks.

    Nova- Same as toyhat awesome admin and fun guy to talk too. I really enjoyed talking to you too. btw Tesco stinks.

    Creeper- You accepted me and joined on duty a lot when we were in there. You are really funny and a great friend. I won't forget the times us and others messed around on the servers.

    Tika- When I first got staff I really had a feeling you disliked me which you may of. After I got senior you seemed cooler to me but as of now I don't really have problems with you. You were pretty chill.

    Zand- I don't even where to start. We had so many memories together and so many times where we messed up. You showed me how to be a staff member when I joined and are one of my best friends. You have amazing dedication to CD and are my favorite person on the staff team. I will never forget the memories we made together and hope we keep playing together. I can't even put into words how much I enjoyed being on the staff team with you. I don't know if I would of made it as long as I did without you being on the team and being my friend. Anyone in real life would be lucky to know you as you are a hard worker and an extremely loyal and trustworthy friend.

    Time for the mods although they may be shorter

    Pie- Cool guy and was going to probably be the next senior mod. I have great respect for you. Btw CBJ is best NHL team.

    Jill - You were an extremely loyal player and helped people in the discord. You are a really cool guy.

    Peep- Man, We had so many memories together you me and zand doing stuff. I still think of you as a close friend and hope we still talk in the future.

    Tanky- I like you a lot and you are a good moderator and I liked talking to you. Hope we keep in touch. Btw stop trash talking me :p.

    Apocalypses- You joined recently but if you joined awhile back you would definitely be a senior mod. Great Moderator and guy all around. I really see promise in you no matter where you go in life. Keep in touch.

    Matrixiz- Man you are one of the nicest guys I have ever met and when I got to talk to you I enjoyed it. I am amazed that you stuck around this long and that is really tough to do.

    Legion- You are a good moderator and loyal to the modpack. Keep it up! You are helpful and a great guy. :)

    Scully- I enjoyed talking to you in staff unrelated and making jokes with you. You are a really cool guy as well.

    Blonde- Never talked to you before and didn't see you on really at all. I don't have any problems with you but don't have much of an opinion on you.

    Galifi- I remember when you and tanky joined pranking you for like a half hour on charland XD. You are a really cool guy and a great moderator.

    Mexi- You were pretty chill and seem to be a good moderator. I saw you on quite a bit and you are pretty cool.

    Waffles- I don't think you get as much credit as deserved. You are always on top of chat in game and extremely helpful. I liked talking to you and how dedicated to the mod pack you are.

    Well that covers it all. If you need me PM me on discord and thanks for the great memories. :)
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  2. gomizzou4

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    guess they haven't removed my perms yet but yeah I resigned
  3. SnIP3PlaysHD

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    Krispin Wah
  4. SnIP3PlaysHD

    SnIP3PlaysHD New Member

    7.8/10 Too Much Water
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  5. gomizzou4

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    no u
  6. Skapern

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    u didnty say anythin bout me w0t
  7. Blaze7381

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    Goodbye partner, may your legacy rest forever in peace.
  8. LPops

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    We all know why u resigned

    Also you forgot me, cuck
  9. Blaze7381

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    U forgot me too btw, but my feels aren’t hurt
  10. gomizzou4

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    bruh you guys are too elite for that list.
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  11. Aghuto

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    You had a good run as a staff member. Best of luck to your furture
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  12. Woodrow9

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    See ya gomi thanks for moving me to pending and seeing something in me even though that’s as far as I got:);)
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  13. Tanky

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    :( You will be missed, you were one of the people I instantly got to talk to and will be different for the last 2 months without you. Call me up anytime to play bedwars. Been an honor working with you and being on your team.
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  14. LegionPlays

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    Hello Gomi, you are one of my favorite senior moderators. You are very funny and resourceful. You are very chill and cool at the same time. I would like to thank you for helping me though my moderation time here at the crafting dead. Its been a honor and as much I hoped I would join you as a senior mod as well in time. But it looks like time has run out and I would just like to say thank you. I hope I see you again some time in the future! -Legion
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    you forgot me
  16. LegionPlays

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    He only put down staff members
  17. Aghuto

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    I totally almost forgot you ;3
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    he forgot me
  19. AugustKill

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    wait I forgot you

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