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  1. Synconix

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    (Part 1)

    General Information

    What is your name?
    My name is Noah Fox

    What is your in game name?
    Glapple but I will be changing it back to Kronchical on the 28th of this month.

    What is your Discord Username?

    How old are you?
    I am currently 14 years old (Birthdate: December 28, 2002)

    What is your gender?

    What country do you live in, and what timezone?
    Country: United States of America / Timezone: GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)

    Can you speak any other languages, if so please list?
    I can speak English (UK/US) and I can speak SOME Spanish.

    Server Questions

    What server do you spend the most time playing on?
    I spend the most time playing US DEAD ISLAND and US ATLANTA but sometimes I live to explore other servers and help players and make sure everything's running smoothly.

    Are you a donor, if so on which server?
    I am not a donor, but if I had money then I would definitely buy a rank but sadly I am broke ;-;

    How long have you been playing the server on and when did you start?

    My first time playing was 2 years ago which was on my first ever Minecraft account. That account is no longer mine, I sold it to a friend and got this one about a year ago so I started playing on this account which is now my main one. The first server that I ever played on was US Dead Island. I started off as a lone wolf but then I started to invite some of my friends to the game to come play with me and some of them I still am in contact with and play with. Then I started playing on US Atlanta and I played on both of those servers. Then I started to play on some of the other servers but since I was so OP on Dead Island and Atlanta that I did not want to play on the other ones but I went on them once in awhile.

    What is something you would like to achieve, here at Crafting Dead?

    I would like to help keep the community clean and punish players that are breaking the rules. Something that I have seen is that lots of players tend to break lots of rules and I think it is rude that they would do that so I would like to help punish players. I think that I can make the Crafting Dead community a better place by punishing rule breakers so they do not disturb the portion of the community that is good and actually wants to have fun. Another thing I have noticed is that sometimes there are no staff members online to help the community. And when that was the case I try to help players on every server so that all the players can have a good time and play the game until a staff member got on and then I would go to another server that had no staff on it and then help the players that were on there. Toxicity is a thing that I see a lot of and I want to help get rid of that because it is rude and people that do that stuff need to be punished so they can learn a lesson. So I would like to help make a difference so everybody can have a good time playing without being interrupted by hackers or chat spammers.

    Do you think other players would recommend you for the position, and why?

    I am not sure lots of the community knows me. I tend to stay in the background unless someone needs help and then I will step up and help them out. But I am sure if you asked my friends they would say I would be a good pick to be on the staff team. I have thought long and hard about applying and today is the day I thought that I would apply so I can help out more. I even asked some friends and they agreed that it was time for me to apply. I feel that I have helped enough players that if you asked a random player they might know me and agree that I should be staff. Even if I am not home and I am on my phone I still go on discord and help some players that need help on there. There are some people that I think would not recommend me because maybe we are enemies. But I think the majority of the community would recommended me to be staff.

    Have you ever been punished by a staff member on the server(s)?
    I have never been punished in-game but I was once banned for advertising my Tumblr on the discord but I am un-banned since I appealed but at that time I did not know you could advertise so it was an accident. But that is the only punishment I have ever gotten.

    What has overall motivated you to apply for staff?

    Support from all of my friends and some of the community. I have helped so many people that I think if you asked someone that I have helped they would say "Kronchical should be staff because I have seen him help lots of players including me". One of the mods (Jackson) replied to my old intro thread saying he see's me helping a lot and that also motivated me to apply. At first I was not sure I should because I did not think I was fit to be a staff member. But all of my friends kept telling me to apply for staff because they really thought I would make a perfect staff member. They have seen me help players before. When we are playing and someone needs help I would just stop and my friends would be like "Why did you stop?" and than I would help the player in chat.I am not that popular. There have been some of my non-friends that have begged me to apply because they thought I could help the rest of the community as much as I helped them. Something else I have done was if a played asked for help in chat I would respond before a staff member would. I love helping this community. When I help someone it just makes me feel good because I know that I just made someone's day by stepping in and helping them with something. I feel that as a moderator I can do more because if a player sees I have the moderator tag they would actually ask me instead of asking in chat and then me responding.

    Communication Requirements

    Have you got a working microphone which can be used to easily communicate with others?
    I use my microphone that is built in my computer. You may think that this would be bad but I have talked to friends and asked them if it works and they said it works fine. Although for some reason whenever I talk through ANY microphone my voice sounds really weird.

    If we pick you, would you be able to take part in an interview with the recruitment team?

    Depending on what time it is at. If it is the middle of the day on a weekday then no because I would be having school. But if it was on the weekend or like Friday night then yes because I would not be at school and when I am not at school I am home on my computer. But since it's summer at the time I am applying then yes anytime is fine.

    Are you able to record, if necessary when you need proof of hacking/someone breaking rules?
    At first, I used my phone for this stuff but then I discovered OBS and now I use that and the audio and video works fine on that.

    In-Depth Questions

    Why do you want to be a staff member?

    Like I said earlier in my application, I would like to keep the community toxicity-free so that other players can have a good time playing the game. I think that with how active I am on forums, discord, and in-game that I could have the moderator role to help out the community. Another reason is that I have seen lots of players that are rude to other players. I want to make a difference and help change this so that everyone can have a good time playing without bad players ruining it for them. I would like to become a staff member so that I can prevent all this toxicity and players from being rude to other players. If I see someone post something and they need help I will try to be the first one to respond so that the player can see the answer and continue on playing the game. When I am online on discord and someone needs help and nobody else is responding I will try to help them with what they need help with. If I am playing the game and a player needs help then I will stop what I am doing even if there is a hoard of zombies coming after me and I will help them as I am slowly being eaten by the zombies until I die. I think that if I had the moderation commands I could help the community more than I do now.

    If you became a staff member, name three things which could benefit the Crafting Dead from your hiring?
    1. I am Loyal - The Crafting Dead is something that I love a lot and I would never abandon it even if I was offered $1,000,000 to do so. I would never betray The Crafting Dead even if I was offered another job on another Minecraft server.

    2. I am Helpful - If I see someone that needs assistance then I will respond as soon as I can so they can get the answer and continue playing the game. I help a lot on discord and forums, and in-game too because I love helping people, it just feels good.

    3. I am Active - I am very active on the Crafting Dead, Discord, and Forums and if I am not at school I am either doing something else or on my computer helping people on the crafting dead. I literally have no life on the weekends so I am always on then and on weekdays too [​IMG]

    (End Of Part 1)
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  2. Synconix

    Synconix Active Member

    (Part 2)

    What interactions have you had with the staff team in the past, explain this in detail?
    I have had lots of interactions with staff members here on The Crafting Dead. Not so much Admin+ staff members but I have talked with some of the Senior Mods before and I know most of the mods, we talk all the time. I am friends with some of the mods too. I am friends with Heartless007 and goldtest from the discord support team also. Like I said I am friends with some of them, I know Jackson, AllensFish, and Sni. I have also spoke with Cide and Creeper a bit and me and Lost are friends (I think) I made him a GIF for his signature and we talk a lot. Me and FSIK have talked a lot when he was a moderator and we still talk sometimes too. I have talked with Billy a little bit about some things but I don't talk with Admin+ staff that much because they are always busy.

    Can you name the main body of the Crafting Dead staff team?
    I sure can!




    Senior Moderation

    Natessnake8 (Trial)
    AllensFish (Trial)
    iCare_Clan_HD (Trial)
    ToastyMcRoasty (Trial)
    zappy2978 (trial)

    Discord Support Team

    Pending Moderators

    Important Questions

    What experience with moderating a community have you had in the past?
    I have tons of experience moderating communities I do not even know where to begin. Let me start with Kitten Kavernz. I host it with a friend. I also have a website if you would like to look at that but it's really old and I don't use it much anymore. Another thing is that I am a moderator on about 5 discord communities which are hosted by either friends or complete strangers from the start. Now, let's move into Minecraft. I have been staff on a Minecraft server that was hosted by my friend before. That was about 2 years ago so sadly that server was no longer around but I was a Senior Moderator / Manager and my job was to manage things such as the community and the staff team. I had a huge role on that server and I gained lots of experience from that. So I have lots of experience moderating communities even outside of Minecraft. I someday hope to help more minecraft servers in the future mostly yours because I LOVE this server and I want to help out on it. I also used to be a Helper on a server called BerserkMC and I helped out advertise and stuff for them.

    Do you know the general commands which a moderator should need to use, please list them?
    I sure do!

    Punishment Commands
    /ban & /tempban & /banip
    /jail & /kick & /warn
    /mute & /tempmute

    /ss (socialspy)
    /gm (gamemode)
    /tp (teleport)
    /seen (tells you when a player was last online)
    /vanish (goes invisible)
    /invsee (looks in a player's inventory)

    Compulsory Questions

    Do you understand that you will have to act in a mature manor at all time while working for the Crafting Dead staff team?
    Yes, I realize that if I become staff on Crafting Dead I will have to be mature and not fool around!

    Are you able to contribute enough time to the Crafting Dead forums and servers?
    Yes, as I said I am very active and contribute lots of time to The Crafting Dead forums, discord, and in-game!

    Do you agree to follow all rules on the server while being a moderator, and enforce them when necessary?
    Yes, if I did not follow the rules then I would not be able to be a moderator!

    Are you able to help anyone who is in need of assistance while being logged on the forums/servers?
    Yes, that is was being a moderator is for!

    Do you agree to not ask a staff member or player to review your application, to accept/deny or give unfair advantages?
    Yes. Doing so would not be right. Doing this would be like walking into Walmart with papers in your hand and going to the manager's office, slapping him/her in the face and saying "OKAY READ MY APPLICATION NOW SO I CAN GET TO WORK AND IF YOU DON'T I WILL SLAP YOU AGAIN!". Doing this would lead to an instant denial and possibly a blacklist from applying ever again.

    Any optional, extra details about being a moderator, or yourself?

    Yes, if I am going to be a moderator here I would like you to get to know me better. I like lots of sports; I have played Baseball, Basketball, and Soccer. If I am not playing Minecraft I am either playing on a gaming console, going to school, playing outside, coding, etc. I have 12 pets! 4 Hamsters, 3 Rabbits, 1 Fish, 2 Dogs, and 2 cats! I live in North America, in the country America, In the state of New York. I am okay in school, I don't do too good and I don't do too bad, I am average. My favorite song is Rap God by Eminem. My favorite celebrity is Eminem. I am good at moderating, developing. I am okay at building but not the best. I still can build decently though. I am very good at developing things, even outside Minecraft. I can code HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I have made 2 discord bots and have been hired by some people to make discord bots before. Gaming & Coding is what I love to do best, especially making discord bots & websites and playing Games! The last thing is I really like to travel!

    End Of Application Questions And Part 2

    Before I end my application I would like to say...
    Thank you for reading my application and I hope I get accepted so I can help out the community of The Crafting Dead

    Your crazy friendly and funny friend,
    -Kronchical (Noah)
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  3. I personally would put some more detail into the in-dept questions. Great color choice. Best of Luck!
  4. Synconix

    Synconix Active Member

    I might add-on a bit to the Staff Interactions
  5. MrKhaotic

    MrKhaotic Well-Known Member

    Not a bad start, a little more detail here and there but it's looking pretty solid. +1
  6. MythicalFood

    MythicalFood Famous Member

    I like how you used some of my ideas in this such as the "pending moderators" section and the trials
  7. MythicalFood

    MythicalFood Famous Member

    Upon reading this into more depth you explain about not asking the whole thing about the application. The reason it is like this is to show patience. The comment about a real life scenario is not accurate. Employers in the real world love to see enthusiasm that you want to work there and are eager to do so. With this going there and hand delivering something like a resume or such forth would show dedication and increase the likelihood of getting that job due to a face to face interaction. I know this because not only do I have employers in my family but I also plan to become one myself one day. Just telling you so you are aware of this for your future to come.
  8. [Adam]

    [Adam] Active Member

    I really do love your color choice but I think you could use bit more detail. Best of Luck!
    HEY YOU!
    Do You need help? PM me on discord @ Adam#8594

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  9. Synconix

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    I have no idea what you just said Bill Nye xD
  10. Heartless007

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    best of luck.
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  11. glaz3dhailstone

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    :/ i started the potential moderators. feels bad man
  12. Jamie3783

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    nice application!! best of luck to you!
  13. Synconix

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    Thanks! :D
  14. Natessnake8

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    This is a very good application and includes lots of detail! Good Luck! +1
  15. iCare_Clan_HD

    iCare_Clan_HD Member

    Hey Kronchical,

    After going over (quick checks here and there), I do like the simple color choice of red and white. There really isn't much to say regarding fixing other than adding more details if you decide too that is. Otherwise I think you made this application wonderfully.

  16. tytrotts17

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    All this needs is detail other than that i think this has a good chance at getting accepted
  17. Synconix

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    Detail on what? What other things do you think I should add detail too?
  18. tytrotts17

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    I Think it needs more detail in the In-Depth and server questions. other than that this is a pretty solid app
  19. Synconix

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  20. tytrotts17

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    Other Than That +1 from me
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