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  1. CodeOrange

    CodeOrange Member

    Welcome to my little, hobby like tutorial. Here I'll show you a little bit of what I know about the Crafting Dead, and how to get started. I'll warn you though, this isn't some bloody game of Fornite, Skywars, or ROBLOX. It's a journey with no destination that will keep you playing the Crafting Dead day and night.

    Gathering the materials needed to the survive the apocalypse is the one thing you need to do if you'd even like a chance of survival. But, it's definitely not easy to do either as they can be costly or even bring enemies to you. Here are three possible ways to get gear. One is more honest than the other, but with the less honest way, you may gain more gear and more limited items such as an RBI Cure.

    Option 1: Buy your gear!
    Buying your gear is probably one of the most reliable ways to get your gear, but you also have to watch your money. Money is very important in this game as it can be very persuasive and get you the things you need in a time of war.

    Simply go to the shop and use /shop there, or use /suicide to get to the spawn, and purchase your gear before you even spawn into the apocalypse.

    Option 2: Betray your allies..
    Betrayals happen everywhere in the Crafting Dead and personally, I do not approve of this, but changing it would ruin the game. If you happen to have a friend near you who has a lot of gear and you decide you want to lose that ally ship just for gear...terminate them when they're not watching. This is much less honest than my other tips but it is certainly a way to play the game.

    Option 3: KoS any player who comes into your sight.
    As a mean of survival, it's possible for you to go around like a maniac terminating everyone you see. This is not very dis-honest, as in an apocalypse, you do what you must to survive.

    A place I would recommend for doing such a thing, would be the Airfield. The airfield is one of the best places to find players, and to even loot around without doing such a thing. While looking for people to kill, you can always use the military spawners, but you must, watch out and look in every direction at all times. This is obviously no place for a beginner, but with the right weapons and combat skills, you could likely accomplish this. My only major warning for this, is watch out for the tower. It's where all of the "campers" so to speak lie.

    Allies and Friends:
    Although the Crafting Dead developers encourage solo survival and multiplayer survival, you never want to be alone in a cruel "world" like this. It is important that you have at least one trustworthy friend/player who can be with you in your hardest times during the apocalypse.

    Beware, unless you've known these people for a long time, any and everyone should be considered an enemy. I've known only four people in my time playing this game who have betrayed me. This will happen no matter what, and no one should be trusted. Do what you wish, but you have been warned.

    Territory and Base Making:
    During such a time, it's important that you have a place to store your gathered loot and hide in your hardest times.

    Finding a base spot is literally the hardest thing to do in the Crafting Dead. At this point in time, most of the base spots are taken, and most of them are used, so they never despawn. I recommend buying a base spot from a trusted player. In my experience of buying a base spot at the Airfield, I was not scammed due to the fact that I was allied and knew this player (BaePlaysTrixx) for such a period of time. In your case, I would verify that you are not getting scammed and or tp trapped to avoid losing money.

    Once you find a base spot, you'll find many options for building, including the following: wood, stone, and reinforced concrete. In the past, likely before you've started to play the Crafting Dead, reinforced concrete was used to prevent users from blowing a hole into a base. That feature has been removed for a long period of time now, and is not required. I myself use it for decoration, because I have a certain amount of income in this game. I suggest that you use wood. Wood is a basic, cheap, and reliable material you can use to make a huge and powerful base. To get wood, simply get an axe, and go chop wood. Or, maybe even buy a couple stacks in the shop.

    BEGINNERS NOTE: You must have blueprints in order for these materials to work.

    In Game Currency:

    In game currency is a very important aspect of the game, whether it is on one of our community servers, or in a sponsored server such as, Seaport.

    Money should be balanced well, saved, and never gambled with. I've gotten myself into trouble with money, betting about duels, etc, and most of the time, it isn't worth it.

    Only use your money when it is most needed, and never waste it!

    I hope that everyone reading this found it helpful. If you need more assistance, please feel free to message me via Discord @PhantomLava#0406.

    Thank you for reading!
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    Course you'd say that.
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    I made a starter tutorial...
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    I covered all of this
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    And much, much more
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    Well you're a bloody staff member. I can't compare. Heh.
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    :p Im making a joke but this still looks good
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