Solved Freeze When Fighting Certain Player

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by Ajexec, Sep 10, 2017.

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  1. Ajexec

    Ajexec New Member

    Username: AJtheSlayer

    Explain findings: Whenever my partner or myself fights the player iCowPlayz our game completely stops. Neither of us can move and it seems like nothing else is moving, however after a short time of this happening the game resumes with the guy gone and us dead. This never happens with any other player or any other fight.

    Severity (1/5): Its impossible to fight him (5)

    I was requested to make this thread by mods
  2. joseph6582 - Forum

    joseph6582 - Forum Active Member

    Hmm this seems like an odd isue, you might be pressing f3 + s (I think) when you fight him. Does any other player apart from you/your partner experience this?
  3. Ajexec

    Ajexec New Member

    Not sure if anyone besides us experiences it yet but we are not pressing f3 and s
  4. Equad

    Equad Famous Member

    Ok since no solid answer had been giving I'll say some suggestions. I think that it's a connection issue or a location where you lag out at I'd change settings around to get Max fps and might stop the lag. Do you fight iCowPlayz in 1 area and get lag or is it in all areas when you fight them? I've killed iCow before and never had a lag issue so try and do what I stated above and let me know if it works.
  5. Armen

    Armen New Member

    I also have this issue when fighting cow, I've just learned that logging off is better than the lag
  6. Equad

    Equad Famous Member

    I'll be looking into this myself and if anyone has anymore issues please message me on here or discord at equad#3451 so for now I'll have this as solved

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