Rejected fooseh's moderator application V.2

Discussion in 'Denied Staff Applications' started by _dopescope, Dec 29, 2017.

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  1. _dopescope

    _dopescope Member

    What is your first name?

    My first real life name is Bartholomew, but you can call me Bart for short

    What is your Discord username?

    My current discord username is: fooseh#4816

    What is your in-game username?

    My current in game username is: fooseh

    Currently, how old are you?

    I am currently the age of 14, and will be turning 15 on June, 15

    How long have you been playing Crafting Dead Mod?

    Now that the year is almost over, I would say I've been playing the Crafting Dead mod for almost 3 years now! It is a super fun modpack that is even more enjoyable to play with friends.

    What has motivated you to apply for this position?

    The main reason why I want to be a staff member is to make sure everyone is having a fun time on this fantastic server. I'd hate for someone to leave all because of someone being disrespectful, They need help with something or they just simply don't know what to do/how to play. Anther reason why I'd like MOD is to help other staff members. Normally, you would see in most applications that they only want to help players, but sometimes staff need a hand too, like building or testing maps. Also I would like to be a Mod, because I believe I can construct an optimistic, welcoming and productive atmosphere on the server and here on the forums. Users are often disregarded, which, let me tell you, hurts. Becoming a Mod on the Crafting Dead has been an ambition of mine for approximately a few weeks when I have heard about it, But I believe I have really adapted to this mod. I actively play on the server, and am exceptionally active on the forums, as you might be able to tell. The Mod position is filled with great perks to improve the Mod society, and I believe I will be able to handle these perks and use them to improve the overall population of the Crafting Dead.

    Why should we choose you over others who apply for the same position?

    The reason why I applied today in hope to be accepted from other amazing people in the community, is to help anyone who needs help, stop all of the spammers, advertisers, impersonators, or even hackers! I will always to my best to be as helpful as I can to a fellow staff member or a new player! I will never let a staff member down if he needs me. I can help anyone who needs my help. I will help new players, intermediate, in terms of how long they've been on the server, and even the advanced/veteran players of this server. The Crafting Dead is the best server I have ever played on in my minecraft years, and I want to make it as safe and as fun as I can possibly make it for the players, donaters, or even staff. I will always to my absolute best in stopping the rule breakers who come on just to ruin other players experience on this amazing server.

    Do you have any experience at community management or similar roles?

    I have a fair bit of what to expect as a Moderator. I am a former Moderator on Glaz3dHailStone's server. It is still in the making but I can assure you that it will be a fun and an amazing RPG to play. Some reasons to this is that the map is huge! And to my prior knowledge, there will be a story. Sounds cool right? I can't wait until this server is officially released so I can play among other players that are DYING to play this! I am also an owner of a server that I am currently hosting. It is going to be a PvP server, and is almost ready for its alpha stage. Me and ExtraGlue (Props to him) are working on it almost every day to do as much work as we can so we can release it to the public for a while. I am proud to be working on this server with Glue, mainly because we both know what we are doing. From my knowledge, I know how to deal with problems that players are in need of assistance with. Its not gonna be easy, but I can assure you that I will put my best effort in to find the best possible answer to the problem that the player is having.

    Have you ever been punished on the network?

    From my knowledge, yes. I have been sadly Muted due to excessive use of CAPS. I have learned from this mistake and will control my self when typing in chat to other players with respect.

    Tell us something about you! Any additional details can be written down here. What are your hobbies? What are you interested in? Let us know!

    Well first off, Hi. My name is Bartholomew and I love space. Its so fascinating on how many theories scientists have made, on how there are infinite amount of universes. And also in todays technology, how people are getting ready to go to Mars to see if it is possible to create a civilization. I am also a big fan of paintball. But, one downfall of this is that I got shot in the leg without protection on it, and I had a HUGE bruise on my leg. I didn't go for a while, but then when it healed, I called over my friends and we did it again.
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  2. FRAncisco

    FRAncisco Member

    Hello _dopescope_, i like your application and the colors aswell. I wish you good luck!

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  3. SquiddyUK

    SquiddyUK Active Member

    1. You say this is your second application when this is your third
    2. Proven by your last application you still cannot take criticism and still are very toxic
    3. You can be very argumentative and bias towards people you do not like

    I do not see you as fit for a position in the staff team until you can prove that you have matured.
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  4. _dopescope

    _dopescope Member

    Uh yea xD You can call me fooseh
  5. LPops

    LPops Well-Known Member

    So after you got denied last time you quit immediately never to be seen again, I haven't seen you talk in the discord in a month, you never get online, I'm gonna have to give this app a -1 since you've been insanely inactive since you got denied last month.
  6. DarkcoreGaming

    DarkcoreGaming Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Your application looks good and try to work on not getting punished at all, but anyways best of luck!
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  7. _dopescope

    _dopescope Member

    I haven't been In game for a while but I am active on the discord server. I look over it to see if anyone is breaking any rules
  8. AnarchicMeme

    AnarchicMeme Active Member

    According to this application you made on Counter Craft back in April (, you were 13 at the time you made the application but you are claiming you were 14 at that time? How are we supposed to know if you aren't lying again? . I am quite suspicious that you are under the age of 14 judging by your voice, how you act, and because you are lying about your age right now. On another note, you are a very toxic person who can not handle criticism. You get very mad when people say something you don't agree with. You lose your cool way too often and you are not mature at all. -1
  9. Jackie

    Jackie Active Member

    Good application, lots of detail for all of the questions, good luck!
  10. LegionPlays

    LegionPlays Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Hello, Currently your application is looking good. But knowing you and based on the other comments above. I can agree you are not the nicest player and you don't always agree with others decisions. Also Your DM's/conversations with me have not been so constructive. So currently I would not see you as qualified. But everyone can change so I will remain neutral until then. Good Luck -Legion
  11. Synconix

    Synconix Active Member

    Looks to me like once you applied you just left until you could apply again all as said above. I like how you have a lot of detail but you are not the most nicest player from your past. -1 from me but best of luck!
  12. RarestPepe

    RarestPepe Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Nice app and you’re a pleasant person, best of luck from me :)
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  13. Blaze7381

    Blaze7381 Active Member

    You’re a cool guy, like I said when we played together, you need to prove to the people who only know you as toxic that you changed, only then can you move on from these stupid false accusations. Played with you in game and you’re a pretty cool guy and we got some juicy loot +1 from me.
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  14. Tanky

    Tanky Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Good Application and you are active
    Good luck!!
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  15. AnarchicMeme

    AnarchicMeme Active Member

    He hasn't changed
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  16. Blaze7381

    Blaze7381 Active Member

    I’m not trying to be rude by any means, but can you send me screenshot proof?
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  17. glaz3dhailstone

    glaz3dhailstone Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Not Bad :D
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  18. Tikachuu

    Tikachuu Senior Moderator Staff Member Senior Moderator

    We will be setting your application to Pending because it is within our standards. Message me on Discord at Tikachuu#3373

    Pending & Locked
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