Rejected Firo's Mod Application

Discussion in 'Denied Staff Applications' started by Jake, Sep 1, 2017.

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  1. Jake

    Jake New Member

    What is your first name?
    -My Name is Jake

    What is your Discord username?

    -I change my discord name from time to time, but as of now it's Greed#1639 (will edit it if change)

    What is your in-game username?
    -My in game username is Firo_Prochainozo

    Currently, how old are you?
    -At the moment I made 14 years old, but will be turning 15 very soon

    How long have you been playing Crafting Dead Mod?
    -I have been playing Crafting Dead for almost two years now, but didn't consistently been playing it until the second year

    What has motivated you to apply for this position?
    -I have been finding multiple vanilla item spawning areas on somerset (didn't use any) and I have told this to FiveSevenIsKey, AllensFish, Jackson, as well as Creeper. And the ever since I have been finding more spots, just today, while i was going around some of the spots, I was able to find another. I don't think anyone knows about these spots other than me, but I would like them patched. And my second reason is that recently, I have been seeing multiple death threats, reports of hackers, and abusers, on somerset. This is making the community feel less safe, and unfriendly. And it also seems that a lot of the lower ranked players don't know the rules very well. I would like to make things clear in somerset, and deal with the players causing this behavior. Because, I was called a hacker once when I was found boosting from a tree into a base, and it just felt awful. And when you are being called a hacker, or asked to kill yourself, I'm not sure anyone will take that like it's nothing. Because, Crafting Dead is fun, but having this thrown in chat ever five to ten minutes, takes away all of the fun.

    Why should we choose you over others who apply for the same position?
    -Like I said, I already know most if not all of the places that the vanilla items are showing up in somerset, and I'd like to take moderation very personally, as I was called a hacker, and asked to kill myself. I would like to support the staff team both in game, as well as the discord. Either assisting the other staff members or even reducing the amount of work they do. I can get almost everyday from one to 2 hours unless I have overflowing school work, feeling sick, or on a vacation.

    Do you have any experience at community management or similar roles?
    -I have have worked as a moderator on a multiplayer server called Nexus, and mostly caught hackers when I was a mod there, and was able to catch 13 hackers in total, and when I wasn't catching hackers, I was looking in the discord for problems.

    Have you ever been punished on the network?
    -Yes, for having vanilla items at one point, but other than that I didn't get punished. (I didn't use any of the vanilla items)

    Tell us something about you! Any additional details can be written down here. What are your hobbies? What are you interested in? Let us know!
    -I am 14 years old and am interested in both architecture and music, as well as Woof carving. I'd like to take this staff role, very close to the heart, since I was asked to kill my self. And when I'm not online, I would likely be in the discord, checking it from time to time. And when I'm not moderating in any way, I like to play the piano. I would like to change somerset and Crafting Dead, for the better, even If what I do doesn't affect the community much, I'd still like to help out as much as possible. I can get on both discord and the Crafting Dead all day except when there is school or I am sleeping, but other than that I will be able to help out if I am needed. But regardless I will be able to get on every day for one to 2 hours at the least.
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  2. LPops

    LPops Famous Member

    I like it, best of luck!
  3. Jackie

    Jackie Active Member

    good luck man!
  4. glaz3dhailstone

    glaz3dhailstone Well-Known Member

    Hey I Love The App but The Colors Don't Work Together
    Best Of Luck :D
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  5. gomizzou4

    gomizzou4 Senior Moderator Staff Member Senior Team

    Nice application! Best of luck to you!
  6. Jaden Merens

    Jaden Merens Active Member

    GG, I like it!
  7. FiveSevenIsKey

    FiveSevenIsKey Famous Member

    Hello there,

    We feel you have a nice application and should move onto your interview. You will be contacted on Discord about setting up your interview.


    Pending & Locked.
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