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    Well its been a while since I have posted ever since my pc took a dump. But I am back and probably even better than before. Since I was gone CD has changed a good amount. ( Player wise and activity ). Players have been asking me several things. There are many areas all over the forums for questions to be asked and answered. So I am going to answer some common questions and more.

    Common Questions -------------

    -The Cloud is down. What do I do?
    1. Servers / cloud network is down.
    2. Your connection is Bad
    3. Restart Crafting Dead
    4. Restart the Technic Launcher.
    5. Log out of Mc and Log back in.
    6 Restart Pc ( If none of the above are needed )

    -How Do I make a payment issue? ( Lost / Did not receive Rank or purchase. )

    1. Go under Payment Issues on the Forums and make a new post.
    2. The format can be found in the link above in the Payment issues section.
    3. Or use this quick link. ( http://craftingdead.com/forum/threads/payment-issues-read.392/ )
    ( Only admins can see these. Make sure to be specific. Should take around 2 days. )

    -How Do I build a Base?
    1. You need a Base Blue Print. ( you can find these in loot piles )
    2. Take the Base blue print to an Open area and hold right click until it places or says cannot be placed here.
    3. If it cannot be placed then find another area.
    4. If it places then you need split logs ( Found by taking an ax item to a tree )
    5. Get blank blue prints and the split logs to your base head and find the base part you want to craft.
    6. Take the crafted base part to an area of your base and hold right click until it is placed.

    -How do I make money?
    1. You can make money by selling items / guns at shop. ( There is a shop at spawn and a spawn in the world you spawn in. Ask around for a tp to shop or for the cords to shop.
    2. You can also ask older players to help you out and maybe loan you some cash.

    -I was banned ( From Discord or Server )
    1. Make a Ban appeal on the forums or ask for details or help on Discord. ( If not banned from discord )
    2. The Format for the ban appeal should be in the ban appeal section. If not check Notices on the forums for ask for them on Discord.

    -I found a hacker or glitch. How do Report it?

    1. On the forums under player reports. ( The format will Be there )
    2. Report it to a Moderator or Senior Mod on the Discord. (You will need to send the evidence to one of them) <--- Added by Jackson

    -A staff member is abusing. How Do I report them?
    1. You can report a staff member under the staff report section on the forums.

    ( - Mod / server ideas are on the forum under their section. )

    -How come players are not responding to me?

    1. If you are Raider Rank or Higher you can use the shout command by putting ! before what you say.
    2. You can /msg (Name) to msg a player in specific.
    3. You are Not Raider Rank or Higher.
    4. Shout is used to have a global chat. ( Everyone can see shout )

    -My Stats Reset. What do I do?

    1. Sorry but if your stats / friends get reset there is nothing we can do. It happens to everyone from time to time.

    -There is lag. Why?

    1. Bad connection.
    2. Try turning down your Mine Craft settings.
    3. Servers could be slow at the moment. ( If so they should be fixed soon or restarted )

    Application Questions (When applying for staff on CD) ----- (Added by: MrKhaotic)

    -Is there an age limit for applying?

    1. Yes. The age limit is you have to be at least 14 years of age.

    -How long does it take for me to get a response on my application?
    1. This can vary on how long it takes for us to evaluate you and see how good or bad of a player you are as well as review your application.

    -How long should I make my responses per question?
    1. You should make each response long enough to where you aren't just writing to write. Make your answers into what is called "quality detail.' Giving answers with good quality compared to just repeating yourself for 6 sentences increases your chances a lot better.

    -How many interviews do I have to do if I make it to pending?
    1. Here within the Crafting Dead community, we require you to partake in 2 interviews unless otherwise stated by an Admin. This doesn't usually happen unless you are a returning staff member.

    -What if I ask about my application?
    1. This will get you instantly denied. Do Not bring up your application with another staff member.

    Uncommon Questions -----

    -Is Crafting Dead dead?
    1. No one knows really. A lot of things can have an effect. School, Time, player count, work, and many other things. But the game is still fun anyway.

    -Should I buy a Rank? ( Includes Kits and other items from the store )

    1. That is completely up to you. Buying Ranks or anything from our store helps the community and helps you In game. Ranks and other items give you a boost. Ranks some with life time commands and perks along with kits. Kits give you a Kit you can use every few hours. And so on. So buying something from CD helps CD stay alive and helps you as well. So its completely up to you.

    -Why are there very few players on the servers?
    1. Well as stated earlier many things can cause this. But you can always invite friends and play along with them! :D

    -Why do staff not do their job or never on?
    1. Staff may not be on 24/7 because many reasons. We have school, work, and many other things going on so we may not be online at the time. But we do try to get on whenever we can.
    2. Staff try their best to do the correct thing in any case and we try our best to help. Please hear us out as all players must follow the rules.

    -------------- Extra? Comment Below!

    My Discord is --> AllensFish#1234
    Im always open to msg so just pm me there if you have any questions or need anything.

    -You can also ask for staff On our Discord or ask players for support as well.

    - Why did I make this thread?
    1. There are many new players here and there and sometimes things get hard to find or hidden. So i made this thread so everything should be in one spot. At lest it might be. Just for convenience.
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    Welcome back!
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    Welcome back Lord Allen! Glad to see you made a nice FAQ tutorial!
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    Lol thx for the welcome back. XD.

    Updates -

    -Fixed and edited some things as well as added a new one. :D.

    Hope you Like!
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    Nice! I see some minor spelling errors. Read through your draft, some sentences don't make sense. P.S. Don't look for misspelled words, look for words that are not in the right place. Also in the How do I build a base section you might want to add you can buy them from shop.
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    ok. Thx. Ill work on that. also i made this thread for all questions to be in one area. you may go ahead and change /edit things. just pm me on discord why so I know and Can update my copy.
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    Hey guys. Just posting that I have changed a few things and worked a little here and there.

    -Moderators / staff -
    You can edit / fix things in the main thread above. Please put down what you changed. that way we all can stay up to date.

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