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Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by LPops, Jan 14, 2018.

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  1. LPops

    LPops Active Member

    So someone the other day asked for the coordinates for the supply drops on a server, so I literally spent countless, sleepless hours playing and collecting and paying people to help me out (Credits at the end)

    NOTE: If I missed any please contact me on discord with the server and the supply drop coordinate that I missed, aswell of a screenshot of the coordinate and the supply drop or the chat coordinate drop. Discord: Pops#5791

    Dead Island: (Credit to @Audra77 aka OofWifi)
    x-743 z-1561
    x280 z-408
    x-1102 z1266
    x435 z-535
    x365 z-289
    x-107 z1095
    x-545 z14
    x169 z1276
    x-171 z-1267
    x675 z690
    x-234 z1206
    x486 z-481
    x-1025 z1411

    x717 z351
    x823 z1686
    x812 z-1409
    x546 z1199
    x759 z-582
    x780 z319
    x-25 z1738
    x975 z1541
    x805 z-1465
    x-590 z1703


    x0 z0
    x117 z-218
    x34 z71

    Charland: (Credit to @Blaze7381 )
    x-462 z-38
    x289 z556
    x-104 z551
    x290 z558
    x481 z412
    x-471 z-455
    x-441 z-246
    x-334 z-173

    Somerset: (Credit goes to Person and RagingFascist and Stu)
    x-1188 z-358
    x-1944 z-567
    x822 z-1266
    x-1850 z2500
    x211 z-673
    x-867 z-1978
    x871 z1567
    x-800 z1500
    x-1798 z-936
    x745 z-1230
    x650 z500
    -1305 -308

    Covina: (Credit to jillv)
    x:280 z:-1529
    x:1510 z:-1369
    x:83 z:363
    x:939 z:-1466
    x:1189 z:245
    x:948 z:56
    x:161 z:-732
    x:437 z:-1527
    x:-109 z:140

    Thank you to the people who tried to help but never really actually finished: i_am_stu and Pika.
    It was insanely difficult for me to collect these so I hope people will find use of it.
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  2. Audra77

    Audra77 New Member

    Thank you Pops :3
  3. NyeBlock

    NyeBlock Member

    It sure would be something if they were random spawns.
  4. LPops

    LPops Active Member

  5. AAG_Victorious

    AAG_Victorious Active Member

  6. LPops

    LPops Active Member

    I did Charland with Blaze, the only one I didn't collect more than 5 for was Covina (The rest I collected some and asked people to collect some for me, also Atlanta took like 5-6 hours)
  7. xxxJsM

    xxxJsM New Member

    I like to see our community members posting useful resources such as this, nice work guys, this takes real time :--)

    Maybe one should change the locations now, how evil of me...

    Just kidding, ill let you off ;)

    Leadership Team
    Head Developer
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