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  1. AndrewK12

    AndrewK12 Member

    In Game Name: BuddyK12
    Previous Clans: N/A
    Solar or Lunar: Soloar
    Preferred squad: Support
    Discord: BuddyTheElf#6106
  2. ukiepeter

    ukiepeter Member

    In Game Name Ukiepeter
    Previous Clans: N/A I am looking for a clan I can stay in.
    Solar or Lunar:Solar
    Preferred squad: Support

    Discord: Ukiepeter#4306
    I have kit turbo and kit assault so I can help contribute supplies. I also have been playing the mod pack for 1.5 years so i have good experience and a big base at Air field. I am currently looking for clans I can join.

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  3. Rick C-137

    Rick C-137 New Member

    In Game Name: Ufosniper
    Previous Clans: none
    Solar or Lunar: Solar
    Preferred squad: gunner/support if needed
    Discord: max#3680
  4. Joeli_Ollie

    Joeli_Ollie Active Member

    Accepted all of you :) Youll be invited soon

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