Double Barrel Shotgun, Sawed Off and Hacksaw

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  1. protogenius101

    protogenius101 Well-Known Member

    Second submission before I fly to Amsterdam.

    This submission is actually made of three smaller ones, listed in the title. I don't need to write much of a description but I feel obligated to even though the title is self-explanatory.

    The double barrel shotgun is over a hundred years old but is still used by many on private property for home defence or novelty, it is able to fire two shots in quick succession and load two shells directly into the barrels due to the break-action loading.
    coach gun REAL.png
    The Sawed off is an illegal variant of the double barrel shotgun (or any shotgun) where the barrels have been shortened (and sometimes the stock) to allow for extra mobility and buckshot spread in close-quarters, the whole point is a trade-off between accuracy, concealment and mobility.
    sawed off REAL.jpg
    The hacksaw is a tool that CAN be used to create a sawed off shotgun (even though it would be difficult to saw through the barrel of the shotgun with a flimsy hacksaw) by cutting off the barrel and the stock.

    I want to see each of these items in the game because it would be a spicy new component to the CD formula, allowing you to modify a weapon completely through the use of crafting (which is the purpose of the game Minecraft). The trade off would not be getting a better weapon but one that is more effective in specific situations and completely outmatched in others. I have made two models, one each for the sawed off and normal double barrel and item textures for the weapons, ammo and hacksaw. This is something I would absolutely love to have in-game and I do believe that people have been asking for the double barrel to be re-introduced for a while now, this would be an excellent system to introduce along with the class double barrel. Please note that both shotguns use the same ammunition.

    Here's the submission for the hacksaw but it's included in the .zip file for the sawed off because of the attachment limit and because I want to keep them together.

    Idea / Asset Name: Hacksaw
    Asset Type: Item texture
    Attachments: In the .zip for the Sawed off
    If Applicable, Concept Image ingame: Nope, my MC account is still playing-up.

    I think it should technically classify as a melee weapon and not just a random tool, here's some conceptual stats.

    Damage: 7
    Durability: 10 (gets used for each time it's crafted with the double barrel)

    DONE, onto the next submission.
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  2. protogenius101

    protogenius101 Well-Known Member

    Here's the standard Double Barrel, note that both shotguns use the same ammo.

    I gave it the same colour scheme as the other two shotguns in the game currently but Techne renders it differently so I took most of the shots in Novaskin.

    Idea / Asset Name: Double Barrel Shotgun
    Asset Type: Model, texture, item texture, ammo texture.
    Attachments: Below, .zip
    If Applicable, Concept Image ingame: Nope, my MC account is still playing-up.
    Novaskin1.png Novaskin2.png Novaskin3.png Techne1.png Techne2.png Techne3.png Techne4.png

    Here are the item textures for the ammo and the shotgun.
    Double Barrel Item.png Ammo.png

    Some potential stats.

    Double Barrel shotgun
    -Ammo: 2
    -Damage: 4
    -Headshot: 6
    -Pellets shot: 8
    -RPM: 350
    -Accuracy: 1.5
    -Recoil: 24
    -Holding movement: 91%
    -Carrying Movement: 95%

    -Ammo AP: 15%

    Looting stats, Gun
    -Residential: 0.1%
    -Rare Residential loot: 2%
    Can't be found in the others.

    Looting stats, ammo
    -Residential: 1%
    -Rare Residential: 3%

    Here's the .zip

    Attached Files:

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  3. protogenius101

    protogenius101 Well-Known Member

    And finally, here's the Sawed off.

    Idea / Asset Name: Sawed off shotgun
    Asset Type: Model, texture, item texture, hacksaw texture
    Attachments: Below, .zip
    If Applicable, Concept Image ingame: Nope, my MC account is still playing-up.
    Sawed Off Novaskin3.png Sawed Off Novaskin2.png Sawed Off Side View TECHNE.png Sawed Off TECHNE.png Sawed Off Back.png Sawed Off Top-down Novaskin.png Sawed Off Underneath TECHNE.png

    Sawed Off Item.png

    Some potential stats.

    Sawed Off shotgun
    -Ammo: 2
    -Damage: 5
    -Headshot: 7
    -Pellets shot: 8
    -RPM: 350
    -Accuracy: 5 (and no reticle, least accurate gun in-game)
    -Recoil: 30
    -Holding movement: 96%
    -Carrying Movement: 98%

    -Ammo AP: 15%

    Looting stats, Gun
    -Has to be crafted, cannot be looted.

    Looting stats, ammo
    -Equal to the normal Double barrel because they use the same ammunition.

    I won't do notifications anymore because it's attention seeking.

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  4. GZF

    GZF Member

    They look cool, very nice.
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  5. Hero_silas

    Hero_silas Active Member

    Wow! The Sawed off looks amazing. I really hope these get accepted!
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  6. destrotroop

    destrotroop Developer Staff Member Developer

    The hacksaw seems cool, but the shotguns don't really have anything special with them. Texture seems to bucket filled aswell.
  7. Jackie

    Jackie Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Double barrel shotgun would be nice to have back in the game!
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  8. protogenius101

    protogenius101 Well-Known Member

    @destrotroop From a texture standpoint, I used the same """"""""""""formula""""""""""" that the current shotguns in-game have, that is the same colour scheme for the wood and metallic parts (barrel, trigger ect.). The texture map is also the same size as the current shotguns in-game (128*32) which means that the amount of detail that can be added is minimal (each barrel has a width of 1 pixel).

    No I did NOT use the bucket tool because that would mean that each surface/side of the model (both Sawed off and Double Barrel) would be the same colour scheme, as can CLEARLY be seen in the images of model/s.

    The Double Barrel also follows this but it does have less overall detail (no strokes of opaque black to add different shades).
    If you're concerned about the textures being like this I could make some limited adjustments but aren't there guns in CD that have textures primarily made with the bucket tool?
  9. destrotroop

    destrotroop Developer Staff Member Developer

    Bruh, that's just the shade that Techne has in it's 3D view. Also, bucket filling in my opinion or having large areas of the same color is fine, assuming your model is detailed, or your texture has major details. Maybe just add a few more things.
  10. LPops

    LPops Well-Known Member

    This is literally the double barreled shotgun for cure (Textures and all) 10/10 gun 7/10 textures 0/10 originality 0/10 creativity 10/10 plagiarism
  11. Jackie

    Jackie Moderator Staff Member Moderator

    Chill out, he might not have known and a lot of double barrel shotguns look that.
  12. protogenius101

    protogenius101 Well-Known Member

    But Papa Destro!

    I guess it would look better with some extra detail, I'll change the texture map from 128*32 to 256*64 and maybe make a few additions, there isn't that much that can be added to be honest except maybe some patches of colour here and there.

    There's more I could do for the sawed-off shotgun, maybe add some tape onto the grip to give it a "used" sort of look but monstly make the details on the barrel and handguard the same as the double-barrel.
  13. protogenius101

    protogenius101 Well-Known Member

    Oh boy @LPops , if you're looking for variety between double barrel shotguns, you're going to have to look for someone that will make an over-under design because wood-based side-by-side double-barrel shotgun designs all look extremely similar. The stock for DB in Cure is different, the wood texture, the shade of the barrels and their length, it doesn't have the dark area under the chamber, the trigger is also a different shade and angled differently...


    While these seem like minor details, it means that the shotgun I made is not a carbon copy of the one from Cure. If somebody made an M4 and then somebody of the same skill level makes another M4 that has some basic similarities, you wouldn't just call that plagiarism.

    Would you prefer I used these two as a basis for the double barrel shotgun instead of the coach gun I used?
  14. LPops

    LPops Well-Known Member

    It was more of a joke...
  15. protogenius101

    protogenius101 Well-Known Member

    You should do standup.

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  16. Jackson

    Jackson Senior Moderator Staff Member Senior Moderator

    Really good as always. Keep up the good work! +1
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  17. SquiddyUK

    SquiddyUK Active Member

    They are some very strong accusations for a "Joke"

    They both look great, I remember running round in cure with a double barrel attempting to kill people
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  18. Tigerien

    Tigerien New Member

    I don't understand why the sawed-off shotgun would do more damage and fire the same amount of bullets as the double-barreled shotgun. It's a great idea though.
  19. protogenius101

    protogenius101 Well-Known Member

    As a balance for the absurd recoil and disgusting accuracy, it's extremely powerful within a 4-5 block range, just for balance purposes.
  20. LPops

    LPops Well-Known Member

    (Watch with low volume)
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