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    My name is Jaroslav
    In-game nick: MataxePlay

    What sort of developer position are you applying for? [Asset Developer, Coder]
    I want to be a coder

    How long have you been apart of the community?
    I have playing CD since 15.11. 2014
    I know it because I first time seen your game at youtube and it was amazing!

    Do you play official servers?
    Yes I do. Im playing Atlanta EU, Atlanta US, Charland EU and Dead Island
    I have an Assassin rank at Atlanta EU and Charland EU + I bought Survivor rank at Dead Usland 5 days ago
    But I have my own CD server (90% coded by myself)

    Have you had experience in development before? If so explain.
    Yes I had. I can coding in many languages.

    VBS Script
    CLEO Script

    Maybe I forgot some..
    More explaining in next step :D

    Do you have any existing work you can present?
    Sorry for quality, fps, its bandicam,... Im not interested in recording videos

    Yes I have.
    Here is my
    Chrome Extension. I made it for my girlfriend bcs she likes Anime and I wanted to make her feel comfortable and didn't have to reload pages and check for new episodes. So I make this tool for her.
    Im forgot to mention... If you report some bug or do you have some suggestions, the message with email will be sent to my Facebook Messenger.
    It has protection too.. You cannot send message with bug or suggestion without email or message.. email must be valid and message longer than 20 chars.
    Im using this insane filter: ("
    var filter = /^(([^<>()[\]\\.,;:\[email protected]\"]+(\.[^<>()[\]\\.,;:\[email protected]\"]+)*)|(\".+\"))@((\[[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\.[0-9]{1,3}\])|(([a-zA-Z\-0-9]+\.)+[a-zA-Z]{2,}))$/;")

    Next I made perfect copy of one
    CS 1.6 server.. and I added some my things into it too
    Here is my work:
    I forgot show you Zombie Classes and Human Classes
    Everything there is coded by myself. I spent many hours, days, weeks doing this..
    (Maybe you asking, why I tried to kill myself in "Super Inrfekcia" mode... bcs in that mode is some chance that you respawn as human)
    (There are many zombie classes... But you didnt see perks... Yes bcs BOTs are stupid :D)

    This was my small project at school.. Its battery indicator..
    In the video is only small animation but it was only test.. completed project I dont have recorded...

    Its addon into GTA SA.. And I made very tiny project... just timer.. "/timer <value>" and it will every second decrease value by 1.. easy.. and some others but it was only fixing bugs in others scripts

    Everyone know it.. "*.bat".. I made simple tool to protect my files againts my parents... Simple menu but you must write password before enter...

    Next I made
    Android Application for my server.. Its not completed

    This is video from my "latest" server (versions 1.9-1.12)
    I have a CD server too..
    It need some changes and fixes.. but I think its good.. Im have lot of plans.. but.. I every time playing CD :D
    And there are more functions but im admin on my server that I see it original.. like "/help".. players can see only basic commands... I have some minigames too but I forgot show them.. Thats it..

    CD Server:
    So this is my CD server..
    Santa... yeaah.. 1.3.2018 and santa :DDD.. but I closed my server during Christmas bcs I wasnt at home.. and that minigame Im think is quite good.. I copied it form Hypixel..
    Lava Floor... It is my first minigame...
    And Hour Glass... Its only beta, testing minigame.. and its not completed...

    ohh.. I forgot.. I know "coding" in
    Scratch... but it isnt coding.. nvm.. you can look at my projects: (in proggress)

    Have you put any suggestions in? Is this something you would want to work on?
    no I havent.. but I can suggest some imagines..

    How would you describe your development skills and knowledge?
    I dont know.. I think im quite good.. but.. in the world are better than me...
    And I know using Photoshop at professional stage...

    Do you understand you would have to work as a team?
    Yes.. im doing many things in team.. in real and in matrix :D

    Why do you want to be a developer?
    I dont know.. maybe I only want to help you.. I know this game long time and I can suggest some things which do this game better.. or some logical help.. maybe some help with codding... or I can try something new.. like steam development.. I never do this and I dont know how it works..

    Can you name the current development team?


    F3RULLO14 Founder

    Lewis Head developer

    Skapern Asset developer

    Destrotroop Asset developer

    ThatAbstractWolf Programmer

    Protogenius101 Asset developer

    Neeves Asset developer

    PWPxPSYCHO Programmer

    Anything else, about you, age, nationality?

    Im 15.. live in Slovakia.. Im very interested in coding and Im doing it in my free time.. And you are the best! Best Game!
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    It looks really good but the link for your minecraft work doesn't work.
    Best of luck! You seem like you'd be a great dev
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    You should fix some typing errors, capitalize your "I"s. Also some of your links don't work, best of luck!
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    You should edit the thread with the new links so people reading will have them.
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    Ok fixed :D and Im so sorry for broken links...
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    Can you please mail your CV / Resume to [email protected] where we'll review and get back to you.

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    OK I sent it.

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