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    Jackson Shillinglaw

    What sort of developer position are you applying for? [Asset Developer, Coder]
    Graphic Design, and Graphic Interface

    How long have you been apart of the community?
    About 3 years 4 months

    Do you play official servers?

    Have you had experience in development before? If so explain.
    Yes, I attend a school where I focus in graphic design and in photography. I can use but not limited to Adobe After Effects, Photoshop CC, Adobe Illustrator, and Camera Raw CC.

    Do you have any existing work you can present?
    Yes, I do for photography I was an Honorable mention for Scholastics Art & Writing National Competition.
    The results are still being posted online but as soon as they are public I will let you see them. I also have audio visualizers in Adobe After Effects along with recreations of themes from Netflix Series (stranger things). I also can share some of the music production I have done. I have them saved on my desktop which I can send to you if you'd like to see.

    Have you put any suggestions in? Is this something you would want to work on?
    Any sort of visual designs or improvements that could be updated. Anything that you need, I'm happy to do it.
    I feel the server could use more advertisement though because its not as popular as it should be.

    How would you describe your development skills and knowledge?
    Advanced but still being polished. I do carry a lot of knowledge with me but am quite aware that I still have much to learn and ways to grow. I attend an Art school which is audition based and I was accepted in for visual arts and photography.

    Do you understand you would have to work as a team?
    I do, I compete in team sports and create group projects for graphic designs. I'm able to communicate and explain and compromise with decisions and ideas.

    Why do you want to be a developer?
    I feel I have a lot I can bring to the server. I enjoy drawing and designing, I love challenges and working in a team with others to complete. I enjoy production and fine tuning my works and to improve my abilities.

    Can you name the current development team?

    F3RULLO14 Founder

    Lewis Head developer

    Destrotroop Asset developer

    PWPxPSYCHO Programmer

    ThatAbstractWolf Programmer

    Skapern Asset developer

    Protogenius101 Asset developer

    Neeves Asset developer

    Anything else, about you, age, nationality?
    I'm 17 and I cannot upload videos here but you can reach me at my email. Just send me a message if interested.

    I have more photos and drawing coming soon, thank you for your patience!

    The Colored image is a visualizer that I enjoy creating and producing in Adobe After Effects, The black and white image is the photo that won Honorable Mention on a National Competition.

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    Hey! Great to see other artists applying, hope we can work together on some projects. A few suggestions for your application; maybe add some colors for the questions and answers to distinguish them, and link some works or pictures of your favorite art pieces.
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    How long have you been apart of the community?
    About 3 years 4 months

    I think they mean on the forum to like on here and that is since last Tuesday. But other then the colors missing (gotta love the colors) I really like your application and wish you luck. :p
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    Nice application! Only things I would say is put your work on here ASAP and also Abstract is no longer a Dev.
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    Hello, I would suggest you look for your work and put some schreenshots down. Good luck! -legion
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