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    Note: if you're application is accepted you would have to talk to the person who approved on discord.

    This is official mod development.
    Coding and creating assets for the whole mod.

    You will be required to meet reasonable deadlines.



    What sort of developer position are you applying for? [Asset Developer, Coder]

    How long have you been apart of the community?

    Do you play official servers?

    Have you had experience in development before? If so explain.

    Do you have any existing work you can present?

    Have you put any suggestions in? Is this something you would want to work on?

    How would you describe your development skills and knowledge?

    Do you understand you would have to work as a team?

    Why do you want to be a developer?

    Can you name the current development team?

    Anything else, about you, age, nationality?

    Thanks for submitting the application. .

    If you do not get a response within 48 hours notify me

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