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    I was demoted from the staff team because I lied about my age. This may seem surprising but it's sadly true. Lying about my age was so wrong of me to do, all because I wanted a position on the staff team. I never meant to lie about this because I wanted to cause trouble, I did it because I love CD. I've always been a helpful person in the community and I never could become staff because of the age limit so for some reason I decided to lie about it, which was wrong. I'm sorry to the recruitment team because they are wonderful people and they trusted me enough to make me a member of the staff team and I was lying the whole time. I'm also sorry to everyone else that applied for the staff team because it's not fair to them because I applied and got accepted even though I didn't meet the age requirement. Most of all I am sorry to the community of crafting dead. There really isn't much else to say other than I'm very sorry. With that being said the recruitment team was nice enough to give me another chance when I meet the age requirement but chances are that I won't. I just wouldn't feel comfortable being on the staff team again. I still hope to continue helping out CD in any way I can even if I am not a member of the staff team, but not as often as I used to. I hope to move on and do other things like focus on other things that I enjoy and IRL stuff.

    Love ya' Crafting Dead

    - Synco
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  2. Jellal

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    Thank you for your services Synco, you are a person that I would happily let back onto the team. I'm sorry I was unable to guarantee that you will not be given a penalty for your lie, however you were amazing as a Moderator and what we would consider a good staff member.

    Hope to see you in the future!
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    13 year old lmaooo
  4. DjskyrimPlays

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    In my opinion, you are a really good staff member. If I were Owner, I would still give you staff because even though you lied, you still showed and proved yourself to be accepted into this community. Hopefully you come back again. :)
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    You were a great staff member, even if you lied it all can be forgiven. In my opinion, I hope you consider applying again. I would love to see you apart of the staff team again.

    PS: That was an amazingly well-written letter,
    I can see that it was obviously written with truth, dignity, and with all your heart.
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    You were a pretty good moderator and I'd much rather you tell the truth then lie and you did and that makes you not just a good moderator. But a good person as well, if you do have any thought of coming back when you are of age then I highly suggest you consider it. We thank you for your service and your honesty.​
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  7. LegionPlays

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    Hello, synco you had been a good moderator during your time. It's sad that you had to go out this way. Though you tried to never use voice chat. I would have wrather had you be honest about it but I hope to see you back when your of age.
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  8. Woodrow9

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    I liked you as a mod and hope you come back when your the right age.
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    R.I.P Synco's mod experience. You will be missed with the big blue bold name. I hope to see you on the staff team later!
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