Accepted DayEmu61762053's Moderator Application

Discussion in 'Pending/Accepted Applications' started by DayEmu, Apr 23, 2017.

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  1. MythicalFood

    MythicalFood Famous Member

    Yeah, odd too because stealth was the first discord support: /
  2. DayEmu

    DayEmu Active Member

    Yes very odd
  3. glaz3dhailstone

    glaz3dhailstone Well-Known Member

    Love The App. i lost were i started :/ LOL
  4. DayEmu

    DayEmu Active Member

    lol thanks, I've been adding a bit everyday and changing stuff here and their.
  5. LPops

    LPops Famous Member

    Love the colours and detail +1 <3
  6. DayEmu

    DayEmu Active Member

    Thanks a lot!! I didn't know what colors to do but i guess there half decent lol.
  7. Crimz

    Crimz Guest

    Another Canadian! I've talked you you before and I think that you are a very nice person, I love your application, good luck my Canadian friend!
  8. DayEmu

    DayEmu Active Member

    Thanks a lot crimz, I've said that sentence a lot to you because you have been really supportive towards me also trying to become a staff member and i'm very happy for you to be on the pending page. I think you deserve it. Your very nice when i met you and helpful whenever help is needed good luck tomorrow!
  9. Lightningbacon7

    Lightningbacon7 Active Member

    Hey Emu, wanted to say I love you application! You have quite a lot of detail. Now I don't know you that well, but from what I have seen/heard from you when I met you, you seem like a nice guy. I wish you best of luck on your application and getting staff, because I feel you will be a great mod if you become one.

    Cphyinx (lightningbacon7)
  10. DayEmu

    DayEmu Active Member

    Thanks a lot, I've put a great amount of time into my application and i hope it gets me the position of a moderator and for the time that we have played it has been very fun and i think your a great guy! Thanks for the review!
  11. Lightningbacon7

    Lightningbacon7 Active Member

    It definitely was fun! Again best of luck!
  12. Zoomie

    Zoomie New Member

    Great application man! :D
  13. DayEmu

    DayEmu Active Member

    Thanks a lot for the feedback!
  14. FiveSevenIsKey

    FiveSevenIsKey Famous Member

    Staff list needs updated
  15. DayEmu

    DayEmu Active Member

    Thank you for the feedback and it should be fixed.
  16. Skapern

    Skapern Legendary Member

    Nice app, bud! I think you would be well fit for staff. Good luck!
  17. DayEmu

    DayEmu Active Member

    Thank you! You also have a very nice application and hope you get staff as well!
  18. _LostSkillz_

    _LostSkillz_ Senior Moderator Staff Member Senior Team


    Thank you for applying, congratulations I have great news to inform you that your application has been marked as "Pending". Please PM myself to set up an interview. Good luck!
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