Solved Cypa_ Flying Hack

Discussion in 'Player Reports' started by Ricardo Melo, Aug 29, 2018.

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  1. Ricardo Melo

    Ricardo Melo New Member


    I did not find any type of guide/form to regulate a player report so I'll do my best to make mine organized.

    Server: Dead Island
    Player Reporting: WickedRicky
    Player Being reported: Cypa_
    Rule Broken: Usage of Hacks; (Flying) and reading private msgs (that one I cant prove but I can assure you he did);
    Date: The video was recorded at 12:54 (give or take a minute) of Today (29/08);

    Heres the video (12 sec, alredy cut):
  2. LPops

    LPops Active Member

    Thanks for the report!

    Player has been dealt with.

    Locked & Solved

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