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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CodeOrange, Jun 10, 2018.

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    Crafting Dead is such a wonderful game but it's obvious to most everyone that it's becoming inactive or "dead". Brad has taken over and is doing an awesome job, but our problem is that we're not trying to get the Crafting Dead out there. It's a mod with so much potential that has lost it's will because of the lack of YouTubers and advertisements.

    I likely speak for everyone when I say that we want more people to come. If we did advertisements and hacks more YouTubers on our side, we'd have thousands of players coming. It takes money to make money, which is exactly what we'd have to do to make this work. I mean think of all of the great accomplishments we could make by having advertisements send out. For one, the Crafting Dead would profit, which we know is always great. The immense amount of players that would likely come out of the advertisements would be a great improvement to the community. Minecraft is not dead in any way. There are thousands of people out there with money, great potential, and who would love to play this mod.

    Spoiler: BajanCanadian is gonna start a series on here. c;
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    I find this very incorrect. To start with its a bad season as everyone is doing fortnite and such. Fortnite is the things that kids want to play and watch. YouTube's are not going to return without a large payment and something to do. We need to get more content that will attract players first. Second thousands will not come because of youtubers. It was about a thousand that came during the golden age. You have not been here that long.
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    Minecraft is dying, nothing can possibly bring back CD to the way it was during cure. But your obviously new here so you wouldn’t know how it was. CD is simply never coming back. Sure it can have some players but it won’t be big.

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