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  1. destrotroop

    destrotroop Developer Staff Member Development Team

    In anticipation of the next update, we have decided to hold a fun new contest for the community! The staff team will decide the winner through voting once the contest ends, and the winning skin will be added into the game along with the new content that we have planned. This contest will revolve around the M240B and M107.

    All skins must be the original work of the user submitting it. You may only submit a skin for the M240B or M107 for this specific contest, no other skins will be accepted. Anyone, of any skill level may submit a skin, however, the quality must meet standards in order to have a chance. We not only understand that designing a skin takes time, but that school is currently going on, so a generous amount of time will be given before we even begin to consider submissions. One user may submit up to 2 skins for each gun, but no more.

    All skins must be a PNG image, with the same dimensions as the original texture. When submitting, you should follow this format;

    Skin Name:
    Side View:
    Top View: <Image>
    Angle 1: <Image>
    Angle 2: <Image>

    Keep in mind that you must use the original texture image which is 256x128. To view your work, replace the standard M240B png image with your edited version in the mod files. Be sure to make a backup of the original texture, in case you ever decide to change it back. If downloading, make sure to download the correct copy, and not a link from an ad (look for a small x in the corners).

    Correct Mod File:
    C:\Users\You\AppData\Roaming\.technic\modpacks\official-crafting-dead-mod\mods\CDO Mod 1.1.4-b2 -\assets\craftingdead\textures\models\guns

    M240B Texture:
    M107 Texture:

  2. ParadoxicHF

    ParadoxicHF Well-Known Member

    Please post your submissions in Development Asset Submission but label it with Skin Competition- (name).
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