Important Christmas Giveaway and Event!

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    Christmas Giveaway and Event!

    On Friday, (23rd December 2016) we will be hosting a giveaway and event on our YouTube channel, Twitch and the servers. We will be offering loads of opportunities to partake in winning ranks and other donation items before Christmas Eve through many different challenges and competitions we will be having on the servers.

    The giveaway will be also live streamed on our YouTube and on the Head-Admin's Twitch channel allowing those who can't access the server to see what is going on! The live-stream will feature footage of the competitions and challenges which we are going to be hosting and all commentated by a handful of staff members who have made themselves available for the event.

    Please make sure you tune in and subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow our Twitter account to keep up-to-date with everything that we do up until that date. Make sure you are on the servers at this time too, to be given the opportunity to win ranks and other donation perks which are up for grabs!
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