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  1. What is your first name?: Charlie

    What is your Discord username?: ChazzaBiggsBlox#3900

    What is your in-game username?: ChazzaBiggsBlox

    Currently, how old are you?: 14 and a bit.

    How long have you been playing Crafting Dead Mod?: About 2 and a half-3 years+ definitely, since Crafting Dead Cure, or CDC.

    What has motivated you to apply for this position?: I have been playing Crafting Dead since I was about 10 years old (I'm not too sure, probably when I was about 11 years old), I loved to see it grow! Turning from guns that were just lines with durability - to see how much ammo they had, into realistic Miniguns and 2 million+ downloads! I really love this server, and I'd love it even more to help out! I really love the Crafting Dead, and I hope to help it out a lot. I was motivated by how each update, even if it is a tiny little bug fix, the modpack just gets better and better! I love the community, the staff, the players, how everyone gets on nicely, and helps eachother out! I would love to help out and keep the chat clean of racism, spam and such! I'd love to help out, as Minecraft is quite plain with just boring old 'vanilla' PvP and survival etc. I've been playing since Crafting Dead Cure (CDC), and it's been really fun! I love playing CD, since I can find loot, raid places, attack, defend, hide and team up with other players! I enjoy the times I play on CDO, it's a really good game, and great server, so many fun things to do, I love starting from the beginning, mainly because I hate it when I die haha! I love how you loot for guns and all that, it's just a well-thought, great game (and server)! I see loads of racism in chat in Minecraft, the community is quite toxic sometimes, making others upset (it's not on the Crafting Dead fortunately). It's great to see everyone getting along in Discord, and ingame! It's a great community, I love it and I would love to help it!

    Why should we choose you over others who apply for the same position?: I am young, yes, but I do not act like my age, I act mature, and I am very active... A bit too active! I'm not saying that 'I am the best staff member there could be', but I'm a darn great one, and I am the best staff member... That I can be (I'm the best staff member that I can be/I'm doing my best to be my best)! I have tons of experience on semi-big servers, which I shall list in the past experiences. I am one of the most active players out there, I can play all day, almost everyday (apart from when it's a school day but I still get the couple of hours after that) before (also watched couple of videos on it). I am really helpful and would love to be part of the staff team, I can help out in chat, help out with hackers, glitchers, or even reporting bugs! I can be very nice to players and warn/punish the players who break the rules in the server. I would love to enhance the experience for everyone, by removing the rule breakers, and having a lot more fun. Also I can record hackers or rulebreakers (that's if there are any on modpacks/Crafting Dead, but you know, there is that small amount that find the way to cheat on games!). I would never abuse any of my powers, I would only use my powers to do good! I find 'hacking/cheating' and 'spawning in items/abusing' annoying, since probably 60% of Minecraft players would spawn in their items/abuse, which ruins the game, and makes it pointless, like spawning in a diamond sword when you've got an iron sword, you could have gone mining, found 2 diamonds, and made it simply! Or spawning in guns is the worst! In modpacks, they're modded for a reason... So you can have more things to do in Minecraft! Like, you have to loot to get guns, it's easy, just find a place that spawns loot, right click it, and bam! You've got loot, it could be a gun, ammo, anything! I will read forums daily, and I will be active on; Discord, the server/the modpack and the forums! I will read lots of reports etc. I will stop players from being mean or nasty to others, I will stop swearing, and keep chat clean of all of the bad stuff!

    - Read the rest in the comments below (couldn't fit due to max 10,000 characters).
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  2. Do you have any experience at community management or similar roles?: Yes, I have been staff on many big servers. I have been Moderator (Almost Sr-Moderator, but was demoted due to another abusive staff member blaming me, which he was later demoted too) on ColdNetwork a cracked server, has over 250-300+ players, includes Skyblock, HCF, Kitmap, Practice, (might have bedwars), factions and op factions. CosmicPvPTest which had 60+ players, CosmicPvP Test Server, I was Helper + one of the only people who actually applied for their ranks, and didn't buy it. I was demoted on there, as the Owner thought I had done something that I didn't do, he didn't even check, he just assumed it happened. I even checked my logs multiple times, and didn't see anything. I have been trial-moderator on a HCF server, which was shutdown sadly, it was called RealHCF or something, it would get 25+ players. I have been Head Admin, on a server named 'Mechascraft' or 'Ezpvpcrafter' but the bad thing was, the Owner tried stealing all our passwords, I was in a skype call with him, and he evilly laughed my password (it was a cracked server, not my minecraft account) and started singing it (haha), I then became Co-Owner, and I resigned as he was stealing information, and was abusing + he would accuse me of abusing, etc. The Owner also kept trying to make us click a suspicious link, which was a picture of 'Jack The Killer' (it was a jumpscare) and it was screaming really loud, and it was annoying. I was also Helper on a prison server which wasn't really big but I was still staff on it (25+ players). I was head-builder on another prison server which was also shutdown (most of these server were shutdown). I was Admin on a Skyblock server, which I forgot the IP to (haha) so I lost that, I have been staff on many other servers, but it would be too long of a list to write down, also I was Helper on a server named Exological. I was Manager on a HCF server, which was extremely abusive, I got them some YouTubers who had 1000+ subscribers and about 100+ players for discord and the server, sadly was demoted when I had enough of their abuse. I have also been a Manager on an OP Prisons Server which had about 55+ players. Since a game named 'Unturned' is similar, and it's also similar to Ferullo's Crafting Dead steam game (The Crafting Dead on steam), I have been Trial-Admin on an Unturned (Unturned is a zombie game on steam, where you have to survive from zombies, and there are cars, planes, boats and guns, etc), I worked my way up from Trial-Moderator to Moderator, then to Senior Moderator, then to Trial-Admin, then finally Admin, it had lots of players on it, 24/24 almost always (that's the max amount of players you can get on a server in Unturned). I was also a Helper, then Moderator, then finally Admin on another Unturned server which was modded, and really fun, it also had about 32/32 players on always (there is a way to go above 24 players to 32 players max, but it probably costs a lot more money).

    Here's some proof (COLDNETWORK) - - - (OLD TRIAL-MOD GYAZO)

    MechasCraft (OLD AS ADMIN / YOUTUBER) - - (OWNER PART)

    Have you ever been punished on the network?: No, I have never been punished on The Crafting Dead, no mutes, no warns, no kicks, no bans!

    Tell us something about you! Any additional details can be written down here. What are your hobbies? What are you interested in? Let us know!: Hello! My name is Charlie, (or Chazza as my nickname, Charlie is also a nickname, but Chazza is what I use in games and sometimes real life!) I go to scouts (well, I haven't been for about 3 months haha), and I love chopping wood (some odd reason I love chopping wood, when I go camping with scouts, I just sit there hacking/chopping the wood with a hatchet all day haha). I am very active on the computer, I play it all day everyday, I love it, and I love Crafting Dead too! I play my PC so much, I need glasses now (which I've actually just got)! Crafting Dead is one of my favourite modpacks (the best and my favourite!). I like playing Minecraft, Unturned, mostly modpacks/modded Minecraft, since it adds thousands or even more things to do in Minecraft! I've been playing Minecraft since about 2010 or something like that, on pocket edition, my brother and I would play it together, then in 2013 we bought Minecraft PC, obviously my brother is 17 now and feels he is to old to play Minecraft / he finds it boring and plays ROBLOX instead. I've basically been playing Minecraft for 4 years or more. I don't really go outside much, I love dogs, and I would like to have a puppy, unfortunately it's hard work getting one and it costs a lot of money, but the main reason is my mum is allergic to fur (mostly cats, but also dogs etc). My brother (who has been mentioned), who is 17 almost 18, he is just like me (he plays the computer too much, he literally is up until about 3am playing it...)! I am a really kind, friendly and nice guy, so if anyone needs me I will help them out. If someone wants to know how to play the game or anything like that, I would tell them and if there is a page that has information on what they needed, I would link them it. I can be active in both; Discord and the server. I have a working microphone (a good/decent microphone, except it's a webcam, I probably will get a better one soon, but for now, it'll do)! I come from/live in England, around London (I'm not sure, it's basically in London), my timezone is GMT/Greenwich Mean Time Zone - UTC+00:00 or BST/British Summer/Standard Time (I'm pretty sure that they're all the same timezone). I have a YouTube channel which has 190 subscribers, and 10,500 total views. Sorry for mentioning being really active a lot of times!

    - Also I know a lot of commands, when I mean a lot I mean like hundreds.

    - /ban
    - /kick
    - /ipban or /banip
    - /kill
    - /invsee
    - /spawn
    - /removewarn
    - /unbanip
    - /unban
    - /unmute
    - /pt, /playertime
    - /unwarn
    - /history
    - /checkbans, /checkban, /punishments
    - /report
    - /helpop
    - /god
    - /heal
    - /feed
    - /tpall (haha)
    - /gm 1,2,3
    - /pardon
    - /pardonip
    - /punish
    - /msg
    - /vanish, /v
    - /mod, /staffmode, /staff, /moderator
    - /sc, /staffchat
    - /me
    - /tpo
    - /tp
    - /tphere, /tpohere
    - /warn
    - /mute
    - /tempban
    - /tempmute
    - /cc, /clearchat
    - /ci, /clearinventory
    - World Edit
    - /give or /i
    - /fly
    - /sudo
    - /bc, /broadcast
    - /socialspy, /commandspy
    - /banlist
    - /jail

    - Thank you for reading my staff application, I hope you have a wonderful day!

    - Chazza!

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  3. Syncoman

    Syncoman Moderator Staff Member Moderation Team

    Nice application! But you only have 2 messages so you should post more! Also you didn't need to list all those commands, they will teach you all of that if you become staff. Plus some of those commands don't even apply to Moderators or don't exist on CD.
  4. LegionPlays

    LegionPlays Moderator Staff Member Moderation Team

    I highly recomend that you get more involved in the comunity before you apply. You have a good amount of detail but I see areas if improvement. First you should add color. It makes the app stand out. Second
    "I'm not saying that 'I am the best staff member there could be', but I'm a darn great one, and I am the best staff member... That I can be (I'm the best staff member that I can be/I'm doing my best to be my best"
    What the what? Might want to read that out loud and see if it makes sence. Same to the rest if your application. I see multiple sentences that if you read it out loud it does not make sence. Also you have a few sections where you get a bit carried away and get off topic. But other than that you have a good amount of detail filled with repetition. The list of commands is not needed as we don't use many of thoes. Good Luck

    Edit: also nine of the "proof" you supplied for the evidence of being staff on other servers is not evidence. It's just your username in different colors with different tags. Can be Photoshoped or you on one server changing your tags and name color.
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  5. Tanky

    Tanky Moderator Staff Member Moderation Team

    I would say get to know the community more like the fellow moderators said above.
    Though I do have to give you credit for the commands. I like how you referenced the old format and included the commands even though you didn't have to. But some of them are incorrect. Like Staff Chat is /ac.

    My final say is get to know the community a bit more and get your reputation up.
  6. AAG_Victorious

    AAG_Victorious Famous Member - 7 messages on discord for someone that has been here for 2+ years hmm. - Looks like you don't know your way around the launcher (not being able to find the unofficial multiplayer) - you have been forum member since November yet this is the first time you have posted anything and of course, it is your staff application.

    ''I have been playing crafting dead since I was about 9 years old(maybe 10 years old)''
    ''I have played the crafting dead for about 2 and a half-3 years''
    ''I am 14 and a bit years old''
    -you are saying you started playing the crafting dead since you were 9 years old and you are also saying that you played the crafting dead for about ~2+ years AND you are 14 years old?
    14-3= 11 btw. - you were mod on coldnetwork for 5 days buddy. nice experience you got there. you also acted really immature on that server. -- almost sr-mod yeeee sure buddy, you were demoted 5 days after you got mod.

    ''I am very active... A bit too active''
    -I can see that, nice discord/forum activity you got there.

    ''Would never abuse my powers''

    You have grammar/spelling mistakes in your application, you have sentences that don't make sense in your application, you are really repetetive in your application, you have lied in your applications(see proof provided above) and you are not active on discord and the forums.

    good luck buddy.
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  7. LegionPlays

    LegionPlays Moderator Staff Member Moderation Team

    AGG_Victorious spends the time to gather info and really he was demoted 5 days after being promoted from immaturity? Also he got bord while being mod on a server for less then 5 days And abused? Rip
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  8. Actually, I'm sorry, but that application was posted about a year ago, and I'm not sure when I started playing, as I probably mentioned, I didn't join the discord for ages, and that was when the new update was out, where it wasn't as easy as it used to be to join servers that aren't official, and I instantly found out how. I had a Forums* account a couple of years ago, but it was when I wasn't really that old, and I wasn't really interested in being staff. I didn't abuse nor be immature, I was the least immature, I can assure you. I was demoted because the Manager lied about me, although I did abuse, he abused mostly and blamed somethings on me, which I do not care about anymore as it was a long time ago, and he too was demoted, they all even said sorry to me, and I said that 'Mod!' about 8-9 days after receiving my moderator role. The Manager used a glitch on a HCF server which was '/refund' which would keep giving him infinite koth fires, and when they demoted me/kicked me from his faction, he killed me with the koth fire, and he got demoted for abusing. Also I went from Helper (for 1 and a half weeks) to then Trial-Moderator (for 2 weeks) then Moderator for about 1 weeks and a bit (3 days + 1 week?)... I didn't start with Moderator, that server had 250+ players so they wouldn't have done that. I only abused once and I learnt my lesson, I wasn't bored, I didn't really do much wrong anyway, the manager was also giving me invisibility potions and revived me all the time. I even told the Owner but he just ignored me. So yeah, thanks. I would never abuse on my favourite modpack anyway, all the staff members on ColdNetwork were extremely toxic, abusive, and just not so good.

    Thanks for the criticism/feedback everyone! I appreciate it, I will try and do it, I must've forgotten, I always like to make applications colourful!
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  9. Okay thanks, I know, I just wanted to include them to look a bit better, haha. Sorry!

    Thanks for the help anyways!
  10. I do not have spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes possibly, but what can one learn if one has not been taught to be 100% at grammar?
    I have checked my application more than 7 times, I will keep checking now you have pointed it out, I have edited it to 10 possibly 11 as I didn't know, back then I just played games on my potato PC.
    Also I was going to post my application months ago but it was closed, then I went on holiday, and then I was sick a lot, now I am healthy.
    I had an old account back in August 2015 or 2016, not sure, 2 even, but I might've forgotten it, lost it somehow as I made it with a different password.

  11. Okay I have known lots of friends on Crafting Dead, I will take note of that one. Cheers!

    Also, on most servers it is /ac (admin chat) or most of all '/sc' or '/staffchat' (staff chat) as 'admin chat' sounds more like admins only, yet 'staff chat' sounds like all staff members are allowed to access it.

    Thank you!
  12. Coldnetwork Moderator proof. 'demoted'

    And also, I wasn't even staff on HCF, and I had blocks in my inventory which I built my base with and I instantly deleted it and told the Owner. And I did get demoted, but I resigned from the abusive/toxic staff members always bullying me/everyone calling me autistic (retarded etc) and stuff, which I am. And then I still liked playing on it, as I had been for a year, and I still play on it, it's a fun server (sometimes it gets a bit boring, and sometimes there's that odd hacker). Mods didn't even get GMC anyways.

    I do not like abusing anymore as it is even more boring.

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  13. LPops

    LPops Famous Member

    You said that you didn’t abuse previously in that message then you go on to say that you “Only abused once”...
    Your application looks nice but the dirt that AAG brought up makes you look like a very bad candidate for staff
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  14. I know I can be confusing sometimes, but I can assure you that I don't abuse anymore. I did abuse once, I do take full responsibility for it, but it was because of the Manager, he always would say it was fine to 'revive myself' etc. I finally stopped listening to him and said I'd report him to the Owner, but just as I did that, he instantly said I abused mostly. Sorry for the confusion, and thank you for the compliment.

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  15. This was over a year+ ago, I'm not like that anymore, especially since it's a modded game, I have no need to ever abuse, since that is cheating, which just makes games boring. Like if I was to use say a mod that lets me teleport and go in godmode on a game (on steam etc) or used console to god mode and fly through walls and such, with infinite ammo and all the guns, that'd get boring in about 10 seconds. I do not do these things anymore, I don't like ruining other players games by abusing. Thank you.
  16. AAG_Victorious

    AAG_Victorious Famous Member you were mod for ~5 days, not 1-2 weeks.

    you have A LOT of excuses and you are really defensive. You also said you never abused in your application yet now you admit you abused once. Make up your mind, lying is not a good quality for a staff member.
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  17. LegionPlays

    LegionPlays Moderator Staff Member Moderation Team

    My overall oppinion of this situation went from a ok standpoint and has fallen very fast.
    Also I have to believe AGG_Victorious because you keep changing the story and you get very defensive...
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  18. I wasn't just mod for 5 days, I said Mod about a couple of days after, as I had to go, so yeah, I can get very defensive when people are trying to accuse me of things, when it was a year ago, I don't like lying, or abusing, I haven't said that I've never abused, just that I do not abuse. This was a year ago, I have many disabilities, I know that's not a point, but it doesn't help, seeing stuff that makes me angry makes me do stuff like long sentences a.k.a different excuses, truly I am sorry for anything I said which is possibly a lie, as no one can really remember a year ago, but I was a good staff member (Said the Owner) and the other Owner said I was really good. I was mod for 7 days at most, when they forgot to remove my rank, I told them, I didn't abuse it.

    Dearly sorry everyone. For I do not remember 1 year ago, but one thing I know is that I'm not abusive anymore, one server is not any proof really, especially a year ago, I'm okay if you don't like me anymore because of something that was 1 year ago, I was really upset when I was demoted on that server, as I knew I was doing a good job on it, and I spent lots of time working my soul into it.

    Sorry for being defensive, I normally do that, but I can see I'm making things worse, so I will only reply to things which are either completely not true, or things that are giving me criticism/helping me/giving me feedback. :(


    Thank you, - Chazza.

    Me speaking to the old owner (Pengu)
    that's what I said to them, because everyone would be toxic to me and say 'haha you abused' when they didn't know the story at all. I still helped out the server I'd tell him who was camping, all the bugs, who was hacking with video proof, who broke the rules etc.

    I don't want this Modpack to be like the normal Minecraft server ColdNetwork, that was long ago, we all forgot about it and moved on, again sorry for being defensive but I'm truly not going to do any harm.

    Also, finally sorry AGAIN, but it was on the last couple of hours of the map (EOTW is something on HCF servers which is like a reset, all bases are unclaimed, if you die you're dead till next map/End Of The World, so it didn't matter, and they let me carry on as a staff member, but I declined the offer, as I didn't want to have the shame upon me + the toxic staff, and all of the good staff members were leaving)...

    Cheers. :(:(:(

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