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Discussion in 'Questions & Queries' started by Partysquid8337, May 11, 2019.

  1. Partysquid8337

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    Do you have to buy each rank individually or can you just buy a higher rank and get the same permissions from the previous kit? For example, can you buy a scavenger kit before the survival kit and have the same permissions allowed for both?
  2. FunDucky67

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    I don't really know what you mean xD
  3. iNovaa

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    If you were to buy Guardian straight up you would have all donor permissions that are described in the buycraft description of the Guardian rank which includes all permissions from the ranks below. Obviously excluding optional kit purchases in the kits section of buycraft. Donor ranks are inherited so Guardian inherits Enforcer, Enforcer inherits Ranger and so on.

    Hope this answers your question!

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