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What do you think?

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  2. I like the bounties, but only the people part.

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  4. I want a community shop.

  5. No comunity shop, I like being able to scam people!

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  1. vibraniumoptimus

    vibraniumoptimus New Member

    BEFORE YOU THROW UP AT ME, PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE SUGGESTION CAREFULLY. I am tired of people speed reading or only reading a third of the idea & then throwing up already covered crap.

    Ok, so like the shop, I think that there should be a system put on all the servers where in safezones like shop & spawn, just like you can type /shop, you can type /bounties.
    When you type /bounties, you get two items you can click on, one being list a bounty, the other to view existing bounties. Now I originally came up with this to create manhunts to hunt down jerks that exist on every server, like shop campers, people who ask to tp to you in shop, but then switch the tp to you to them & then they kill you. People like them could then be posted on the bounty list & people could hunt him down. But now thinking about it, it could also work like a vendor too. Instead of putting a bounty on a person, you could also put a bounty on an item.

    Now posting a bounty would work like this:
    You select list a bounty. Then a gui would come up, & first you have to select item or player. If you select player, then you have to put how many times the bounty can be completed before it removes itself. Then, you put how many times you have to kill the person to get the bounty. Then you put the bounties REAL username. Then you put the amount of money that is the prize for the bounty being completed.
    If you select Item, a list of every item that people are allowed to have would come up. Then, you select an item. For example, you selected the scar-h rifle. Then comes up if the mag has to be in the gun & if it does, what mag it must be. Then the barrel attachment list comes up, in which you can select from barrel attachments that fit the scar-h. You could chose none, or one. The same thing goes for paint, scope/sights, & grip. then you put in how many you want of the item you are about to list. Then you put the amount of money that someone gets if they fill the bounty. Then you put how many times the bounty can be filled. Then it is listed!

    Now to make this clear, when the bounty is completed, the money automatically comes out of the listers account.

    Then there also should be something similar, basically a community shop. Everyone can list items for your specified amount there. You could make your listing private, so you can set who can buy it or public, in which everyone can buy it.

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