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Discussion in 'Pending/Accepted Applications' started by BloodKnightsHD, Dec 17, 2016.

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  1. Ariskkk

    Ariskkk Famous Member

    The reason is that CommanderMIi has her nickname CommanderMi the same as her name BUT the name does not fit in the name space and it shows CommanderM I have seen this before xD
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  2. Jellal

    Jellal Senior Moderator Staff Member Senior Moderator

  3. Skapern

    Skapern Moderator Staff Member Moderator Developer

    Look above.
  4. BloodKnightsHD

    BloodKnightsHD Active Member

    Thank you very much for the feedback guys I also apologize for any negative comments you have seen they are no longer posted and are irrelevant to this topic.
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  5. BloodKnightsHD

    BloodKnightsHD Active Member

  6. Divisional110

    Divisional110 Active Member

    I love this application well detailed and I love the colors you picked good luck.

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  7. BloodKnightsHD

    BloodKnightsHD Active Member

    Thank you very much Divisional :)
  8. BloodKnightsHD

    BloodKnightsHD Active Member

    I have been seeing more and more new moderators (Yay) :). I have been waiting for a week, and I keep checking the staff list to see if it is updated. Which it has not, so I apologize in advanced if your not on the list within the hour you are added to it.
  9. StealthPlayer33

    StealthPlayer33 Active Member

    I do not think your up for the job. Your always trying to remove people's home for "glitching" when I sethome before you put your walls up. You also disrespect players, and you do anything you can to get someone banned/muted or for in game money. Here's proof of the player disrespect and bypassing chat filter. I will send the proof to a staff member due to "too large to post"
  10. AAG_Victorious

    AAG_Victorious Famous Member

    the hours don't say anything since it is easy to just open the crafting dead and just afk on there.
  11. BloodKnightsHD

    BloodKnightsHD Active Member

    StealthPlayer as a player in the community you have glitched into my base into the past and your home was removed for it by Mia. This is not the place to argue and you are holding a bias' against me because of this and many other reasons. I urge you to post somewhere else this is not the place for you.
  12. BloodKnightsHD

    BloodKnightsHD Active Member

    Very true but I can honestly say I am a active player I now have over 220 hours.
  13. Affusion

    Affusion Head Administrator Staff Member Head Administrator


    Your application is very good and we would like to move you onto the interview stages of the recruitment process.
    If you could friend request me on Discord, @CD_Billy and we will organise a time for the first interview. If you have any trouble contacting me via Discord, please email me at

    Kind Regards,
  14. Skapern

    Skapern Moderator Staff Member Moderator Developer

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