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Discussion in 'Coding' started by ThesoundlessEcho, Jan 31, 2018.

  1. ThesoundlessEcho

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    Ok so i'm making a personal server for my friends and I and i've made a basic terain in world painter. I was wanting to know the biome ID the zombies are spawning in and if i should epxort the world and then add said biom through voxelsniper or world edit. If someone could help me with that it would be a huge help. Thanks for helping and sorry for any trouble i may have caused. I know this question has been asked before but that was last year before the recent update and i want to make sure that the biome ID is still the same.
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  2. Jackson

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  3. ThesoundlessEcho

    ThesoundlessEcho New Member

    It does help to an extent but don't I need the ID number as well or if i type it in as "Zombie_Plains" will it automatically know what i'm looking for?
  4. MCSGaming

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    To my knowledge you can't add any biome that isn't from vanilla in World Painter.
    You can only use Voxel Sniper with the CD biomes as far as I am aware, you can use the following names for the biomes:
    - Zombie_Forest
    - Zombie_Plains
    - Zombie_Desert
    - Zombie_Snow
    - Zombie_Wasteland

    Hope this helps.
  5. ThesoundlessEcho

    ThesoundlessEcho New Member

    That helps so much. Thank you, but is there a specific voxelsniper version i should use or does it not matter?
  6. MCSGaming

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    Ideally use the latest version of it, that supports 1.6.4.

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