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  1. MythicalFood

    MythicalFood Famous Member

    Welcome to the Avansies recruitment page!
    Status: recruiting
    Member count: 27
    Those running this branch

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  2. Skapern

    Skapern Moderator Staff Member Moderation Team Development Team

    I thought F3 was in this for a split second.

    Good Luck!
  3. MythicalFood

    MythicalFood Famous Member

    Making headway dudes with more and more player kills each day. Wanna avoid getting killed? Join our cause by applying here!
  4. MythicalFood

    MythicalFood Famous Member

    Update and totally not a way of me boosting this post.
    Mist clan has merged into AVAN. (27 members in faction atm)
  5. Blaze7381

    Blaze7381 Active Member

  6. MythicalFood

    MythicalFood Famous Member

    Another "update not a boost" Recently the Minecraft branch in total has reached 200 members! On top of that the CD branch is at 52 members! WOOT WOOT! Hiring new staff soon.
  7. Jackie

    Jackie Active Member

    Is this a hardcore team or dead island or something.
  8. MrKhaotic

    MrKhaotic Well-Known Member

    @Jackie We are mainly found on Dead Island and Atlanta but we tend to be on the other servers. Including hardcore.
  9. MythicalFood

    MythicalFood Famous Member

    Will be recruiting a hardcore team soon!

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